Problems With Hair Loss

Men will have the happiness that you experienced hair loss rather than normal and even “mature” designed to suffering women – by the way, nearly half of all women in Germany – more beauty in this problem. However, the more frequently you buy wigs or hairpieces. Hair loss is in addition to genetic causes, many other influences, such as pregnancy and childbirth in women or both sexes stress. However, a metabolic disorder, such as a thyroid disease, can lead to hair loss. Only when more than 100 hairs per day fall in the comb when combing, it is called alopecia. It will fall as more hair grow, baldness or baldness arises therefrom. Of which we speak, but only when more than 60% missing hair. Some lose their hair at the temples, thus inventing the receding hairline, others complain of the ‘high’ forehead, and still others the circular (often unhealthy) hair loss. Josyann Abisaab Since diagnosis and cause of search is difficult, there is littleTreatment options. Causes may lie in other areas of life. Researchers at the Charit have demonstrated in mice that turn out increased by the administration of a stress hormone hair. The gift of a Gegenhormones stopped further hair loss, however, was the formation of new hair will not re-stimulate. The hair transplant is expensive and typically are not covered by health insurance. This individual hairs with fine needles are inserted on the head. Tupets and wigs cover bald spots. Been shown to have no effect, however, have several “miracle remedies” with caffeine and similar ingredients that otherwise might have no problems with heavy coffee drinkers precipitating hair. Anyone who has problems with his hair is not yet lost, but it can do some things with the right Behanldungsmethode and sometimes one gets their hair back.