Professional Designer

This article is written for anyone who wants to create a stylish, modern and at the same time, a unique interior. This is a fairly complex task, and depending on how well you act, the process of creating interior may become or exciting activity, or a nightmare. Purpose of the article – to give an idea of how to correctly behave in order to avoid common mistakes, and with the least moral and material cost to solve the task. The article did not consider the financial side of the issue. The only remark on this subject – a good interior design can not be cheap. And it must be understood. The first and most important step Towards Good Interior – find a good professional designer. The most common mistake is that until now has many customers are trying to do without a designer.

The reasons are different: it is confusion the role of the designer, and the banal desire to save, and re-evaluation of opportunities builders, contractors, promising that they themselves are without a designer will do everything beautifully. Recently, more common situation, "the designer himself, when the customer, after watching interior design magazines and tv shows trying to play the favorite solutions in its interior. The result of creative experimentation, as a rule – depressing. Even if you does have design skills, but no experience in the design, it is not worth the risk, and check these abilities in their interior (the first pancake is always lumpy). And their ideas better to discuss with the designer. Accept axiom – you can not start repairs without a design project.