Project Universe

Of ' ' Armatrux&#039 group; ' of Minas Gerais? MG, that executes a beautiful work with dolls, ' ' The Band of Boneco' ' it is a creation of the DJ Mountain that she uses of a universe than more magical and makes of its musical talent, the wonderful universe of the magic of the animation, giving life to the fascinating dolls of trupe. of other groups that load a knowledge load that only has embelezar in them with so great imagination. It is cinema thing what they make the manipulators of dolls and mamulengueiros, therefore, to make one mamulengo to cuspir fire, in the responsibility not to set on fire the material and not to harm nobody it is a difficult art and that they make well &#039 very; ' Group Wagon of Mamulengos' ' , and to only make a musical band of dolls? It is thing for ' ' Armatrux' ' , that they are the magicians of this imaginary universe. Without to leave of speaking in the mimic one, that inexplicably she is charming for its fine and cautious quality. I finish saying that the theater and theater our imaginary of the imaginary one of the others are of a esfingtica largeness, that exactly witnessing only is that if it can try to understand what feels, therefore, what to see itself or if feels in a spectacle is not justified, in the maximum if it understands, it is as a passion, fort and irresistible, however, in the quality of a great love, that only invades in them little by little and when we perceive we are without understanding such universe that he is fantastic gostoso and splendid! He is something communicated between the heart and the reason, that is not justified, if feels. *1 Moncho Rodrigues, Spaniard born in Galicia, is coordinating of Project of the northeast and managing Integration of theater.