Publishing Industry

Sometime ago I wrote an article about the worst mistake of the music industry in which I critisized the lack of vision of the record companies to miss business opportunities that the Internet provides.

I think it is interesting to contrast this experience with the recent developments that have taken another productive activity that moves significant amounts of money in the world: the publishing industry.

A major publishers in the world were presented with the same choice: to fight piracy on the Internet or exploit their potential when it comes to expanding their markets. While record companies chose to move in a fierce battle fraught with intimidation, demands and trials to users and Internet providers, accompanied by a number of pressures on governments for the establishment of a new law on hacking; publishers have decided to follow the opposite path.

The solution has been to bring the product to a new demand through the digitization of millions of titles that are offered through the Internet at a very low price. An incentive to open the door to other industries such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and Amazon, who created readers portable digital books.