Quadra Plan

a compensation plan insurance companies as innovative as our product. Agel Enterprises has created a new healthcare plan compensation structure that is truly revolutionary in the industry of health plan Network Marketing or Multilevel. We believe this compensation plan will produce some small business insurance of the biggest checks in the history of the industry. This plan can not be included family medical insurance in any of the existing traditional categories: binary, breakaway, single level humana insurance or forced matrix. The Agel compensation plan is a revolutionary medical insurance hybrid that has taken the best insurance plans elements insurance of these four traditional plans and has put aside the negative elements. It is called Quadra-Plan. The most important goal of a compensation plan is to provide long-term health plans effectiveness. What is long-term effectiveness’ is the possibility of long-term compensated monetarily for their efforts in the creation of the organization’s distribution company. It is the dental insurance ability to receive a health residual income for the rest of your life, and pass the source of residual income to aetna insurance your children, grandchildren, etc.. The long-term effectiveness is not determined only by the longevity of the company. If you used to earn 100,000 and now only makes 30,000, this is group health not individual insurance long-term effectiveness. the best insurance plan can be found with is a health insurance provideroffers a variety of health insurance packagesis an innovative health insurance service companycan reduce your payment on health insurancehas one of the best health insurance plans Ten years later your check should still be the same or greater, thus fulfilling the promise of long-term residual income. The Agel compensation aetna health plan includes the principles that ensure that promise is fulfilled for all those working for it. There are nine bonds to obtain the maximum income and are not group insurance exclusive, all charged. More information: Visit now agelbuenosaires gmail.com www.agel.com