Ralf Lohmann MDS

The launch of the charisma of SLS technology has never before seen MDS plus and just in time for the start of the IFA charisma technologies presents pioneered the development of multidimensional TV experience technology, a pioneering television innovation in production groundbreaking multi-dimensional TV worlds in the 100 inch screen, world’s unangefochtener: the charisma of SLS. On a spectacular 100 inch display the future charisma flagship offers living, multidimensional television in unique brilliance, sharpness and resolution, without 3D glasses, as well as any any footage. This is made possible by MDS plus, a further development of the multi-dimensional system technology (MDS ) of charisma technologies. This novel procedure for the perfect visualization of reality was already the worldwide benchmark for lifelike TV entertainment. Currently 3D-TV’ are marketed under the much tried keyword old-fashioned stereosko Olympic procedures, who all share a common dilemma they put AIDS like 3D glasses and special 3D movies ahead, and with frequent me have disadvantages accompanied by, such as dizziness and nausea.

Recent studies show that 10 percent of the population even at all not to perceive stereoscopic effects”, explains Ralf Lohmann, CEO of charisma technologies. We could already show the way out of this dilemma with MDS. With the charisma of SLS and the new MDS charisma plus we can top it even more clearly technology on a fantastic 100 inch display. We have the solution, that removes all disadvantages of stereoscopy.” Whether PAL, NTSC or HD from any picture generated the charisma of SLS multidimen three-dimensional imagery. Any DVD and any Blu-ray, every game, every graphic and every photo is excellent spatially rendered by MDS plus. 3D glasses nor requires special 3D-Filmmaterial or 3D-Zuspielgerate. The novel technology of the charisma of SLS outperforms stereoscopic 3D of the relevant manufacturer in every respect to length. The TV performance which have international scale features images of extraordinary brilliance, that involve the viewer right into the action.