Receive Treatment Devices

Cleaning pigs operated on all types of pipelines to clean the inside of the cavity. In the complex composition of such a device include: knots and start receiving cleaning pigs, the system automatically manage and monitor the cleaning process. In the very initial portion of pipeline is mounted unit start cleaning pigs, at the last station – site of their reception, and at intermediate points – Multiple hosts reception run. To install the camera and start receiving treatment devices necessary to find and prepare the site of its location, then stop pumping at a pipeline section from the place of the camera start to place the camera admission.

Next section of the pipeline is emptied, the pipe is cut by a cold way to the ends welded to the flanges, mounted a linear gate. After you set the camera and start receiving treatment devices. As There are devices for pigging the pipeline on the more complex parts of the route, for example, crossings over water obstacles. In this case, on one side set node start cleaning pigs, and the opposite – the receiving node. The composition of the starting node includes devices such as: monitoring and managing running piston, piston storage area, a device for reeving the pistons in the starting cell camera Start cleaning pigs, which is connected with the closure to the main highway, with them. Receiving unit includes: a device for seizure of the piston receiving chamber, a system of process control receiving cleaning pigs, a platform used for storing cleaning pigs, a chamber for receiving the pistons, which is connected through a shut-off device to the main highway, with them and process piping and capacity for receiving contaminated condensate. Depending on the design they can afford to run concurrently and take one or more cleaning devices with a certain interval of time.