Renault Logan

We make the removal of the engine on Renault Logan, if you need to repair or replacement. If the work is done on a pit or ramp, the engine is better removed from the engine compartment up with a winch, having removed the gearbox. In the garage, equipped with a lift, comfortable remove from the engine compartment down the entire power plant, and then otsoedenit engine and gearbox. Surgery to remove the engine and powertrain looking for Renault Logan with power steering and air conditioning. Remove the battery, pre-otsoedeniv terminals. Merge of motor oil and antifreeze. Disconnect the receiving tube the exhaust from the exhaust manifold, disconnect the tip of the fuel tube from the fuel rail fitting. Detach the cable from the tip of the intermediate lever throttle.

Disconnect the tube check valve vacuum brake booster fitting from the intake pipe. Disconnect the tube from the canister purge pipe on the intake manifold. Remove the power steering reservoir control of the upper cross frame radiator. Detachable bracket power steering tube of the cylinder. Bolts turn away the power steering pump to bracket engine and, without disconnecting from the pump, pipe and hose, cord or wire to tie the pump to the top crosspiece frame radiator so that it does not interfere with the dismantling of the engine. Remove the generator. Disconnect the wires from the starter. Turn away the air conditioner compressor mounting bolts to the bracket and not severing the tubes of air conditioning, compressor allot to the side and tie, so it does not interfere with engine removal.