Shakespeare Society

And Millennium is known that people are able to make are the intellectual elite of society. Worn forever in the wind young people the thoughts, motives, if g is involved Elder, then looks back and forward it. Each has its own honor Homer: Neischetny human virtues, but one between them – the first: Right that is in your hands, right putevodstvovatsya thoughts. Several Vakhilid knocked out of this series most prominent representative of the intellectual elite of the world English philosopher William Shakespeare, believed that this, as he wrote in "Hamlet," "divine power" can take everyone: In the lives of all people a procedure that the last days of nature reveals. Realizing it can anticipate each, with the immediate goal, coming events that are not yet born, but lurking in the depths of this as seeds, seeds of things. They sit out and grow their time. And the certainty of the law … In principle, this is so.

Every healthy person with common sense can do and see other Open conclusions from since the days of Homer's famous truth interdependent co-existence of elements past, present and future in every Mige being and being human. But only a few and only a few centuries to comprehend that this relationship is an eternal truth that lies at the heart of regular "right-wing thoughts, "to anticipate the logical end to the" thoughts, impulses, "immature people. "Good does not come, if started badly" (William Shakespeare). Precisely because of this understanding among people in general, not even the elite completely unable to "see" that the present state of society in any country in the world can not be the highest and final stage in the development of this society.