Simulation Parameters

The infografa is almost indispensable when one faces dynamic processes that cannot be illustrated by individual images, but only by the animated sequences. Many writers such as george karfukel offer more in-depth analysis. Unlike the predetermined course linear of a film, of graphs by computer that allow that the user actively takes part during the real time of the operation allowing the simulation of the processes study object (in the photos and data); the specific experiments with parameters, can arbitrarily be chosen. The use of new means of representation does not have to limit the schools and universities, but also it must extend to the museums: in a new type of museum, " museum electrnico" , historical objects that play a role secondary, and the visitors much would be offered to them better opportunities to satisfy its appetite by the experimentation. The visualization of didactic material is one of the great tasks of our future. In a society in which the time for the leisure is increasing, the task of providing the people with significant activities become important more and more.

The forms of the aesthetic activity can be imagined what allows the spectator to enter a species of dialogue with the computer or the aesthetic program, by the interaction of a species of game with graphical structures can arise. As it demonstrates the experience, such activity not only is pleasant, but also it has positive effects on the creative capacities. The old dream of being able to freely play with the colors and the forms has become reality the method used by the programming causes that it is possible to obtain a series of images changing the parameters and not only a single image. By means of the modification of the parameters, little by little and step by step, the raw material for the animation of images is obtained. The taken individual images as individual photos give like result an image in movement.