Slam magazine is the most prestigious in the world of basketball. And in its latest issue announces that its next cover will protagoniuzada no more or less than Ricky Rubio! The tremendous prestige of Ricky Rubio in the United States has given a new turn with the announcement page of the magazine Slam that Catalan will be on the cover of its next issue with Brandon Jennings, co-promoting Rubio Lottomatica Roma plays for Italian. Ricky is almost cult for journalists peculiar ‘Slam’, for a few years ago was the first player who earned one of its reporters traveled to Europe to make a report.That is defined as’ the best player in the world outside the NBA. ” In the previous report also also met with Brandon Jennings is that it seems that in USA there is great expectation to see who is best.It met in a game and emerged victorious thanks Ricky, above all, to Rudy (still at DKV) got 33 points and razed to Lottomatica. And of course this is my blog, after making some calls and has managed to move some wires in scoop how it will be the cover: