Sport Football is

Sport Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The sport is any activity that is characterized by a set of rules and customs, often associated with competitiveness, usually must be institutionalized (federations, clubs), requiring competition against oneself or with others and have a set well-defined rules. As a term solitary sport usually refers to activities where the physical capacity, lung competitor are the primary way to determine the outcome (winning or losing), so also is used to include activities where other external expertise or not directly linked to the athlete’s physical are critical factors, such as mental acuity or equipment. Such is the case, for example, sports mental or motor sports. Sports is entertainment for one who performs it and for whoever observes his practice. Although often confuse the terms sport and physical activity / fitness, really do not mean exactly the same.The difference is the competitive nature of the first, against the mere practice of the second.