Stargate Command

held the rank of captain, she was later appointed as head physician of CSG, after the death of the former boss and his first job was to address the issue of “tainted”, the world divided between Light and Darkness. After Teal’c managed to secure a blood sample from an “untainted” Fraiser discovered that she and Daniel were immune due to their use of antihistamines. When SG-1 met the girl Cassandra of PX8 – 987 and prevent the pump implanted by the Goa’uld inside it exploded, Janet Fraiser decided to adopt the child. More than 4 years later when Cassandra began to suffer due to a retrovirus that altered their DNA, a desperado Dr. Fraiser Nirrti kept at gunpoint, demanding that the former System Lord to heal her. Nirrti refuses the offer of GeneralHammond to let her go if he helped, Hammond alone until I inform you that the woman who was pointing was the adoptive mother of Cassandra. In the episode “Hathor”, Fraiser, Carter and other female soldiers from GSC managed to release the base control of the Goa’uld queen Hathor, and in recognition of their value Fraser was promoted to the rank of Major. Due to their status Doctor, Fraiser seek peaceful solutions to issues, declining military solutions, as shown in the episode “Serpent’s Song” where he was the only Stargate Command that he resisted the idea of handing over to Apophis his enemies, but eventually was forced to let him surrender. In 2010 an alternate timeline, after the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the alliance between Earth and the Aschen, Dr. Fraiser examined to see Samantha Carter because he had difficulty becoming pregnant. She discovered that Samantha was unable to have children, even when doctors told him he was Aschen well.In investigating the matter further, they discovered that almost the majority of Earth’s population was sterilized. Both informed him that Daniel Jackson, Teal’c and Jack O’Neill, and together they formulated a plan to prevent this were to occur. When the plan was put into operation, Janet traveled to Chulak to tell Teal’c to proceed. In 2004, Janet Fraiser was one of the Bregman interviews for the documentary that he prepared on the GSC. Bregman himself was proud to talk to her, because it was the only one who did not give evasive answers to their questions too. As the two chatted in the cafeteria, she was required to accompany the SG-1, GS-7 and GS-5 to P3X-666, where SG-13 had fallen into a Goa’uld ambush. Once there, she try to stop the bleeding soldier suffering Wells, with the help of Daniel Jackson, who also recorded the situation.At that moment, a shot of a shuttle Jaffa reached him squarely, resulting a new protective vest designed by the CSG vain to save her dying on the spot. After attaining get everyone on the planet, Stargate Command performed a memorial service for Frasier, which were mentioned by Samantha Carter and Teal’c all the many lives saved by Janet Fraiser on nearly 7 years he was at the base. Among those listed were the whole SG-1, Private Simon Wells, Major Ian Hewles Conny Smith and Sgt. Wells put his newborn daughter Janet, in honor of the doctor who saved his life.