Starting Point

Tvorets did not create this material world! It exists only in your imagination, because you're in his selfishness. At that moment, as you go over to the desire to return and begin to acquire the bestowing of desire, you will open higher reality in which you live and grow. And this is your bottom layer of material desire is there, because he must always ensure that your free will with respect to the spiritual. How in this world, I can go to work and shop, but I know that I have my permanent place – home, family. Likewise in the spiritual, has a permanent place where we exist. And from it we ascend the spiritual ladder, climb up and down – but the bottom layer the existence of us is guaranteed. He is illusory, it does not really exist – it is only in our imagination, that from this base point to begin to act independently in order to bestow. It turns out that the Creator shows us all one movie so we could exist in this reality. Therefore, the greatest Kabbalist, and the most stupid silly, see the front of the same material world. It is clear that intelligent sees it slightly differently, because more it understands – but in general, everyone can see one picture. And if suddenly there is a difference (when a person has special properties) – it has no relation to the spiritual.