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Stock Exchange Stock Exchange fa ade New York Stock Exchange Colombia Stock Exchange Building Santiago Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. Building on the Frankfurt stock exchange. Bolsa de Comercio Exterior de Buenos Aires Stock Exchange of Lima, Peru Bombay Stock Exchange Bolsa de Madrid, Spain See the Bovespa in Sao Paulo. A stock exchange, is a private organization that provides the necessary facilities for its members, following the mandates of its customers, entering orders and conduct negotiations for the purchase and sale of securities, including stocks of companies or public companies, government and corporate bonds , certificates, equities and a wide variety of investment instruments. The trading of the securities on the stock markets is based on known and fixed prices in real time, in a safe environment for the activity of investors, where the mechanism is fully regulated transactions, ensuring the legality and security.The stock markets strengthen the capital market and boost economic and financial development in most countries of the world where there are in some cases for many years after the first such institutions established in the early years of seventeenth century. Participants in the operation of the bags are basically seeking capital (companies, public or private organizations and other entities), suppliers of capital (savers, investors) and intermediaries. The trading on stock exchanges is done through the Stock Exchange members, usually known by the name of brokers, brokerage firms, brokerage houses, agents or brokers, according to the name given in law of each country, who do their work in exchange for a commission.In many markets, other entities and individuals also have partial access to the stock market, it is called by all the activities of primary and secondary market transaction and placement of issues of equities and fixed income. In order to list its securities on the Stock Exchange, companies must first make public its financial statements, since through them we can determine the indicators to know the financial situation of companies. The stock exchanges are regulated, supervised and controlled by national states, although most of them were founded in pre-dates the establishment of official supervisory agencies. There are several types of markets: the money market or money market, stock market, the market for options, futures and derivatives, and commodity markets. It can be classified as exchange and counter markets. Edit