Joshua Bell is a famous violinist, which gave a small concert in a Washington subway station. The experiment was conducted in February, 2007, at 8 in the morning. During the forty minute approximately Joshua Bell played pieces by Bach, only got a few minutes how many coins of alms and only a few users of the subway, stopped to listen carefully to this exceptional musician. The rest of citizens who at that time were running through the corridors of the metro, went next to the violinist going to their jobs, without paying attention to the music that came out of a 3 million violin played by an extraordinary musician who filled concert halls around the world and whose entries, usually sell out very quickly. Apparently only one woman came not only to interested really in the quality of the music, but even acknowledged the interpreter and told him that I had already heard him, and remembered that how wonderful concert. What happened to all the people that he strolled by that station? Do they did not perceive the extraordinary beauty of the music that came out of that Stradivarius? Did not realize? How many things happen around us that we cannot grasp? Many of us argue that we did not have that opportunity? Or perhaps we were so worried about our duties as lists or account we realize what is happening to our around? how many times we ask Di-os things and opportunities that are around us and not even perceive them? We wrap both in the daily concerns, solve the problems of every day we are leaving aside those dreams and illusions, plans for when we can, but always arise in new situations that deal and again postpone those plans and dreams. When a person does not perceive something, does not mean that that something does not exist, but he still does not perceive it.