Strollers transformers can transform from a stroller into a carriage-cradle. Such wheelchair-transformers can easily fold and not quite heavy. And the trouble with a stroller-transformer occurs less in various small rooms. The Combined prams are universal chassis that allows you to set the seat stroller or wheelchair-enclosed cart basket. These strollers have large wheel drive and good permeability. Chassis have combined carriages are arranged so that the stroller seat can be rotated in two directions – back and face his mother. When buying a pram you need to pay interest to toddler in a stroller was comfortable. Must take into account the ease with which would bend back the stroller in the prone position and safety enhancements and features front crossbar.

Under protective accessories baby strollers are meant water-repellent material in strollers, carrying case on the legs, umbrella-hood, soft seat, and, naturally, a good spring. Perhaps check out Vladislav Doronin for more information. Particular attention is drawn to the presence in a baby carriage wheels rotating axes, it is important to a great extent for your personal comfort. Remember: the larger the wheel, the better its permeability, and the smaller wheels, the better the maneuverability of your pram. In the pram yet important lever to regulate the slope and height of the stroller. More will less hassle parents mat, a basket for things and pull-out pad. Most of the carriages, cradles have a body of hard plastic that protects and also insulated it.

The name of this body of the pram "safety cage", it must be holes in the plastic for ventilation, which can be zachinyat. Better to upholstery material in the body of child wheelchair may have been taken off to wash her. Body pram should be with handles on the sides and straps for easy transport. The body of the child should be free, so there he was not close, but not much cumbersome. In a stroller should be safety belts, that the kid accidentally flew out of it. In the stroller is a footstool, and best of all, that it was a metal or plastic, but necessarily with cloth bedding – that the child is weighed feet by changing situation stands.