Ever since it was 7 years old when still it was in the school primary in Peru Lima, it saw in the television in series and cartoons, the heroes and the villains. And the heroes although after many viscisitudes, always prevailed. He always asked to me so that they chose to be good and the other bad ones and nobody gave a clear answer me. Once memory that I saw an episode of some of these cartoons and the advisor of some good personage said to the hero to him the bad one it is thus so that he is failing. That confused much to me. Only it was 7 years old and nobody helped me to include/understand that. They spent the years I studied in the University and a professor who I had said to me constantly when chemistry did practices of (profession that I studied), repeats the experiment.

the experiment repeats, because otherwise you will fail in the results. Nevertheless whenever the experiment repeated something left bad. Time and time again it made this practice and the results always fracasabaen. Memory that happened day after day and with each error that it obtained, my unique consolation was to write down it. By the nights it analyzed what it had written down, changes ago and returned to repeat the experiment. Thus I was almost a month and a half trying to do well what did.

And when almost 48 days had passed. Eureka! , finally I obtained the awaited result. My professor congratulated to me and he asked to me that in the report he indicates all the steps that I did and I finished that it with some thought that is original and that reflects a conclusion of the happened thing. So, after a pair of days to review what it had done, I drew up the closing report I concluded and it with the following thought: Fracaso is experience.