Summary episode

Summary episode The New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano suddenly suffers a panic attack. It led to the psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi to discuss what were the events that led to its collapse. Saying that works to “waste management”, Tony begins to explain in detail the day of his attack on Dr. Melfi. Initially, he is unwilling to cooperate, expressing contempt for psychiatry. She explains to Dr. Melfi about the stress of his business life and his disappointment with his current situation. Tony Melfi tells the story of a family of ducks that are installed on your pool and are nested. There is also a little overwhelmed at home by his daughter, Meadow, because of a friend, Hunter Scangarelo because his wife thinks is a bad influence. Later, Tony explains that his daughter and his wife are not getting along very well lately. Also tells the doctor the stress of training his “nephew” Christopher in the family business.After Dr. Melfi makes clear the rules of the doctor-patient confidentiality, he reveals his trade, but does not explain the details of violence. Tony then details the stress of caring for her elderly mother, Livia, a pessimistic and cynical tireless, while a resentful and demanding help. He also mentions his wife’s relationship with his priest, Father Phil Intintola but what a minor concern. Towards the end of the first session Dr. Melfi get Tony to admit that you feel depressed, angry, but suddenly leaves the room when she presses him to talk to you more about what the ducks. The Livia’s outburst when the family takes her to visit Green Grove, a ‘retirement home’ where Tony is trying to put the causes him a second attack of panic. This sends Tony back to Dr. Melfi. He prescribed Prozac. At its next session, Tony still refuses to admit their psychological weaknesses.He attributed his change of mood quickly to medication, but Dr. Melfi tells him it’s impossible, because Prozac takes about six weeks to act, so she attributes the change to the therapy sessions. Tony he describes a dream where a bird steals his penis. Dr. Melfi extrapolates from this revelation that Tony projected his love for his family in the family of ducks living in his pool. This makes break to mourn. She explains to him that the flight of ducks piscna of your panic attack caused by the overwhelming fear of somehow losing his family. Putting aside the violence, one of the most important things that tells Dr. Melfi that he has been unfaithful to his wife. Tony’s nephew Christopher, kills Emil Kolar shot in the head in the store Satriale sausages. This was one of the heirs of the waste company that rivals the Soprano family, the garbage collection department Barone.Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero advised that instead of throwing the body in the dumpster of Kolar, bury it and avoid a police investigation. The Kolar withdraw from the bidding to see the demise of Emil.