Free Information

In this context, the first electronic publications appear, what if it believed to be a great advance for the scientific community, but this was not materialize total, in view of the increase of the price of the signatures of periodic the scientific electronic, occurring the call ' ' crisis of peridicos' '. From this crisis, the appearance of a model that allowed the gratuitous access to the scientific information, called of open archives occurs. Sponsored scientific works with public resources denote free access to the information of decurrent them, however, periodic scientific electronic are not gotten in gratuitous way. Tony Parker usually is spot on. Ahead of this fact, referring questionings to the imposed restriction appear to the users, that is, few exactly have access to the scientific information with the financing of the research with public resources. Another argument concerns to the public power: as well as it sponsors projects of the scientists, can, also, contribute so that the users have free and gratuitous access to the search services.

This work is considered to display it on the model of open archives and to indicate them as a source of gratuitous consultation to that new and discovery need the scientific information for the knowledge production of, from the argument that points scientific projects, in its majority, financed with public resources, but its readings demand pecuniary return. The justification of the research is guided in the fact of that the scientific information is the essential base for the intellectual development, scientific and technological of a country. Therefore, leaving of this premise, it is distinguished that to occur this development, the scientific community comes facing barriers how much to the access to these information, restricted to a small group, making with that the country does not obtain to improve its level in the scientific scope. Therefore, the model of open archive can be a viable alternative for the free access and increase of scientific productions.

Paidia Homero

Effectual, the way of a common culture, and to allow a complete spreading of knowledge previously reserved and interdicts’ ‘. Nothing he is gratuitous, valley to remember. Therefore the impact of the literariness in the cultural life was tremendous Greek, who, according to Jose Trindade Saints, would have led about four centuries making comfortable it (e, exactly thus, is not possible to know if the totality of the citizens would have some time access to the written word, in a world where the morality never left to reign). It is clearly, therefore, that Jaeger, when studying the concept of paid, left of side much thing, (and nor it could give account): it did not tell the disturbing elements of the order in the voice of the rhapsody, bards (also called redo), poets, fiestas etc., provokers of the development of the philosophy politics, stimulates of the controversy, disorganizes of the internal order of the intellectual and affective faultiness of the time, etc. etc.,

For example, the rhetorical delinquent of ‘ ‘ Maldives’ ‘ that they had affected the work, had limited the autonomy of reason they had promoted the passions and the dissent Subvertiam already the future invention of a Platonist? They had become thus at the time not-necessary (but not-unnecessary, also superfluous, perhaps) for the history of an accident, would say Garaudy, called Ocidente? In this direction, a interrogation presented for Saints leaves us uneasy and perplexo: That reasons will have taken the Greeks, of it enters as many messages exits of a tumultuous and obscure past, to choose poems of Homero for its first contractual register? However it may be, the launching in writing of these songs of siesta? for Homer? it is resembled the sudden immobilization of a formidable torrent of inspiration, as a frozen river that seems still and always to run for the estuary.

Average Education

These proposals had been presented to the legislative of the city that if considered in pledging itself in the question of the preservation of the local environment. In the same way these proposals form directed to the executive and too much involved agencies in question of the local environment. FINAL CONSIDERAE: When if it considered to work the subject separation of Mixtures with the educandos, exactly the work possessing an objective clearly, had been appearing new perspective investigations and of research and action. The most important in this everything is that they had been the educandos that had given to the developed work a more including character, something that was not limited to the classroom. The taken positions and conclusions had broken of the comments and constataes verified for them in set with the professor.

The city of Aragominas was perceived that although to be an just-emancipated city, it faces serious problems in relation to the preservation of waters of its patrimony. The streams that circulate the special city in the Jenipapo stream and of the Field, are practically deceased, therefore the amount of life in existing them was evidenced that, is well lesser that, for example, has two decades and this was proven through stories of inhabitants and for what was verified in these streams during the research. It was also observed that the problem of the possible contamination of these waters is well more complex of what it imagined, therefore if sorna to this the problem of the played garbage the sky opened in places without no program of control and worse, next to the stream bed to these streams. Perhaps one of the conclusions most important has been the fact of the educandos to have detected the lack of planning since the first managers of the city for the question of the garbage and pollution of the water, then of the environment and that the solution for the problem cannot be decided only by the public power, but, for a work in set with the community. It is given credit that by means of the investigations, questionings and positionings front to the problem of the considered water inside of the subject Separation of Mixtures, the educandos had been capable to develop and to construct of certain forms the knowledge, therefore, had started to possess a critical conscience of the way where they are inserted, beyond exerting its citizenship, contributing for the construction of a more democratic society inside of its social aspects of changes.

Publishing Company

Plants CAM? What they are plants CAM? Plants CAM, or better, plants MAC are plants that possess the call Acid Metabolism of the Crassulceas whose acronym is MAC and has its correspondent in English CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism). Therefore, more correct of what to call them plants CAM would be to say plants MAC. However, generally, these plants are called plants CAM. Plants CAM are vegetal suitable superiors barren climates e, therefore, they open its estmatos only during the night. Which would be the advantage of this? Opening estmatos only during the night, that is, at moments where the relative humidity of air is well bigger, due to lesser temperature, the plants save water at the same time that they obtain to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2). This carbon dioxide quickly is carboxilado and transformed into a called molecule of 4 carbons oxaloacetato that, later, is transformed into malato. This last one, in turn, is directed to vacolo where he remains stored. To the dawn, these plants close its estmatos thus preventing great losses of water that occur very in dry climates, but, the same, this closing provoke the stoppage of the acquisition of atmospheric Co2.

In this direction, all the malato that was produced during the night, passes, during the day, to be decarboxylated, liberating, in the gas form, all the Co2 acquired during the night and that, in this manner, it passes to be transformed into organic composites (triose fosfato) in the cycle of Calvin as makes a plant C3 or C4. After this, these trioses will be used for the production of sugars (sacarose and starch). It perceives that plants CAM secularly separate the phase of acquisition of Co2 of the atmosphere (night), of the phase of transformation for organic composites (day). Already the C4 plants separate, space, these phases, therefore the first one occurs in the cells of mesofilo and second in the cells of the vascular beam of the case. Plants CAM, for opening its estmatos only during the night, in contrast of the C3 and C4 that open the same ones during the day, save very more water.

As already mentioned, this is an adaptation of the plants the barren environments. Plants as the cactis are typical examples of plants CAM. Many bromlias also possess this type of fotossinttico metabolism.

The Financial Crisis

Rui Barbosa was the main editor of the Great Letter. According to Nassif (2005), it is important to notice that, beyond bigger jurist of its time, Rui Barbosa it had economic knowledge surprising, as if it can confer in the document ' ' Organization of the Republicanas&#039 Finances; ' , presented in November of 1890 in the National Congress. Not but it dominated the main theories economic as it had a minute knowledge of the main institucional aspects of the economy and the North American federalism. The justifications had taken that it to stimulate the monetary expansion had theoretical bedding. It supported who if could not mere evaluate the monetary politics by means of the sum of money in circulation, since he has left of it was empoado. He had the necessity, then, to inject in the economy currency that circulated. At the time, the monetary emissions obeyed the standard-gold; if it only could emit having the corresponding gold ballast. Rui faced this ortodoxia and authorizeed the emission lastreada in public headings, with the objective to finance the production and to help to esterilizar the public debt. This theoretical position brought innumerable admirers to it, between which Stolen Celso, for who the speculation of the economic depression was an event to the part, without relation with the economic policy of Rui Barbosa. Beyond acts of Deodoro ministry, and of periodicals of the time, two recent workmanships are excellent to reevaluate the paper of Rui Barbosa in the period: ' ' The Economic depression, Anatomy of a Brasileira&#039 Bubble; ' , of Ney Oak (former-president of the Stock exchange of Rio De Janeiro), that esmia the used financial tools in the economic depression, and ' ' The Financial Crisis of the Abolio' ' , of the brasilianista John Schultz, who advanced in direction to the identity of the foreign capitals in the country, greater has left of which: ' ' Brazilian capital clandestino' '.

Le Corbusier

The architecture cause perplexity also for the inconsistency of its capacity to generate the happiness becomes that it attractive for us. The houses can inviting in them to use to advantage them with a mood that we do not obtain to evoke. The architecture noblest can to the times make little for us of what a nap to the afternoon or an aspirina (OF BOTTON, 2006:17). The author suggests despite the architecture cause perplexity for the unconsciousness of its capacity to generate the happiness becomes that it attractive for we, beyond transmitting messages moral, instead of dictating laws. Of this form, the architecture invites in them, and it does not command, to follow its example. One in the ways that determined construction it possesss of being convidativa and instigante is in the mixture of elements that assist in the dither of its aesthetic one. In accordance with Szabo (1995), one of the main elements of the project architectural pointed for architects and theoreticians of the architecture it consists of the use of the light.

The author affirms that the paper of the light in the architecture possesss distinctive character and exceeds the higienicista, quantitative question mere, contributing with its intrinsic characteristics and quality in the creation of the space. The author still cites celebrates it phrase of Le Corbusier, who defines the architecture as ' ' wise, correct and magnificent game of the volumes congregated under luz' '. The narrow relation enters the light with the space justifies the importance of the illumination in the history of the architecture. Such relevance is observed in all the rupture moments that the architecture promoted, being the present light always in these marcantes periods. Second Stolen (2005) the light, of subtle form, it appears indirectly as an ethical and aesthetic position in the movements architectural. Trapano and Bastos (2006) affirm in a similar way that the perception of the forms of the architecture is disclosed by the light, that the architecture are capable to sculpture the light.

Transformed Of Fourier And Princpios Of Communication

This structure, formed for diverse nets of communication, demands Mathematical Modeling, Specification, Regulation and many other pursuings of the Area of Electric-Electronics Engineering and the Engineering of Telecommunications. The Analysis of Fourier became it indispensable tool in the treatment of many obscure points of the Modern Physics, of the Theory of the Communication, Linear Systems, and many other branches of Science. Thus being, the central objective of the present work is to the same study some applications of the Transformed one of Fourier into the Principles of Communication, being distinguished in the main body of the Analysis of Signals, some Ideal Forms of Modulation, Transmission without Distortion and Filters. INTRODUCTION As already was observed and salient in the Summary, the Analysis of Fourier became it mainly indispensable tool in almost all the branches of Accurate Sciences and in the diverse areas of Engineering. Our concern in the choice of the subject was to congregate some subjects well current and to use the Transformed one of Fourier as basic tool to attack them. Also, we summarize the importance of famous ‘ ‘ funo’ ‘ delta of Dirac in the Appendix. We detach in a global vision the Random theory on Linear Systems and Processes.

On the other hand, considering that the Theory on Principles of Communication is one it disciplines basic and essential in the formation of the current engineer, we look for to contribute and to help to supply a necessity of the market of books in Portuguese Language, clear form and with all the pertinent demonstrations, having conscience that the subject is vastssimo. Remembering, despite, with the fast result of the technological progress, the diverse areas of lesser Engineering are converging and are each time the differences between them; the collection of data, transport, storage and processing of information made with that Disciplina Principles of Communication if became a necessity in the Courses of Engineering. The market of work in Telecommunications has promoted seminaries and courses for the good formation of hand of specialized workmanship and research directed toward this area. We must emphasize, still, that some Courses Technician have an introduction to this discipline. In this in case that, it competes to the professor making of this Monograph a plastic and alive organism; it competes to it choosing, as the direction of the Course, what it can make and what can leave according to make, what can put in front or postpone, peculiar conditions of its pupils.


Prof. Wilson Denculi Department of Agricultural Engineering Federal University of Viosa With the knowledge of the logarithms concept or with the use of electronic calculators, the extration of the square shaped root or the cubical root or the root of index any, of any number, is very easy. It is enough to press some keyboard keys of the calculator so that the reply it appears quickly and with the desired precision. But, and the extration of these roots without the use of the calculators? The study of the subject it allowed to arrive at an expression that favors the extration of an index root any, of any number, with the desired approach. The argued method to follow is sufficiently simple, even so a little laborious, but it excuses the use of the electronic calculators. The first number of the root is gotten as if it usually makes, that is: extracting the nth root of nth the first numbers of consolidating separate by means of points of n the n, as the index of the root.

The Pupils

Below the graph with the number of rightnesss meets: Figure 2? Graph on the question 5.6 Question: ' ' The involved energies in the functioning of the Io-i, are the energies: KINETIC and POTENCIAL' '. In relation to the functioning of ioi, the energies related to the movement of the same in the movements translacional and rotational, trick that many pupils had shown much interest, a trick already forgotten by the time, where many nor the least knew such toy, still motivated by the one effect led that it lit as sped up the same. The majority of the pupils obtained to understand this subject and made right this questo.7 Question: ' ' Which trick you more liked? ' ' It gives its opinion: At this moment the pupil left itself to take the freedom to display its criticizes to the involved tricks in the learning, where he could be verified that the revolving platform was a success, therefore called interactive attention for being, despite esteretipo of the dancer was used to stimulate the participation and the envolvement of all, answering questionings and becoming pleasant the learning. Figure 3? Graph of the question 7.8 Question: ' ' In its opinion, as it was our presentation? ' ' Private space so that the pupils made its you criticize to our work and, for the vision of the majority, it left the happy academics very, therefore they poderam to observe that the majority of the pupils had approved the methodology used and had obtained to improve its learning with our lesson. Below the graph with the opinion of the pupils: Figure 4? Graph of the question 8.9 Question: ' ' How you would evaluate its participation and the participation of its colleagues? ' ' In this question importance of the auto-evaluation was outstanding it, where the pupil had the chance to verify the attitudes its and of its colleagues during the presentation.

Besteira Climrio

Coward! He starts the fight! As much Clio how much Luiz was exmios fighters of karat. They had given to a tremendous beating in Juan and its friends. They had run and they entered in the car. Carlinhos caught rose and took it for the arm. Carlinhos: – we go impolite! Rose smiled! Luiz n: No matter how hard it did not feel the same for it that she feels for Juan, from that pink moment play thought to be liking a little that one boy put the hero of American film. It was different.

although not to make the type of it if value was different already. For rose the important one was the new features. The friends went to the way singing music: ' ' there, there, there, there, this arriving the hour Luiz: – where you deferred payment cinderela? Rose: – I live in the neighboring city, fifty kilometers of its! Carlinhos said: – we go to leave it na house door! 2 act In the other day, that undertow. The friends if find in the bar of the Climrio to take coffee. Carlos: – Good day Climrio? You alone the o winkle! Luiz: – Good day cli! Clio: Good day papa! Climrio: – My son, if its mustache was bigger one little it did not have what to take off a boy! Carlos: – Besteira Climrio.

Clio is a modern woman: pretty and brave! – I find that I go to be married it to only lead one steps on all day! One before each meal. All laugh at the same time and eat sossegado a coffee of the strengthened morning! Luiz: – I am thinking with my buttons. when to finish our vacations? Carlos: – bird Luiz. Today it is as day of vacation and you already it thinks I finish about it! Luiz: he is that I am prevented! Carlos: Of more! Clio: – we go to tan galera! To leave daqui we go for a swimming pool bath.