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International Festival of the illusions of master of magic in Sindelfingen report about the appearance of Norman Alexander at the Festival of the illusions of Norman Alexander, Mentalist and magician from Thuringia, enthralled the audience at the Festival of the illusions of the international masters of magic from 9 to 11 January 2010 in the Stadthalle Sindelfingen in Baden-Wurttemberg. With his poetic performance the attic”, in which he traces a young girl missing years ago at the witching hour in an attic, spread a magical flair Norman Alexander in the Hall. Especially unique and even created by him were to see. The audience was fascinated. Others including San Antonio Spurs, offer their opinions as well. 13 years takes place in January of this high-profile event, which is directed by Eberhard Riese – Vice President of the magic circle of Germany e.V., the International Association of magician – and that only international greats of the magician, magician and Mentalist fashion with their acts. At this event there is a smorgasbord of the world of magic to experience. To the final after each presentation, there was also stormy applause and the actors were besieged with autograph requests. As always in recent years, the cards for the premiere, and for the two following gala events of the Festival of the illusions were very quickly sold out again. Detlef Smolinski

From Mecca To The Mint

I do not dare to use this Muslim " to go of the Mint (house of the currency) to the Meca" (city santa) so that it does not pass like the owners of the Murcian discotheque whom they have had to change his name by the one of the Island. As it is spent them the Islamic fundamentalism does not surprise his to me I put the wind up. To whom it is happened to him to denominate Mecca to a jigging about center! To have done like the others, that call to their pubs Abbey, Basilica, Hermitage, Convent, Cathedral, without nobody is torn the clothes or, which is worse, threatens to them putting a pump. So olvidmonos already of Mecca. It’s believed that Tony Parker sees a great future in this idea. It is more: I propose to eliminate the entrance of our dictionary that, by extension, typifies like Mecca to " place that it attracts for being center where a certain activity has its major or minor cultivo". That banal impiedad involves resemblance definition! From now on, instead of Mecca of the cinema, of the chacinera industry or surf, we speak of the Vatican of prt–porter, the automobile industry or the competitions of ninepin, although it sounds to us more pretentious. One prevails, then, to end the dictionary of the SAR and until with that obscene collection of proverbs that alerts when &quot to us; there are Moors in costa" or one makes fun of of our false value ironizando whereupon " to died, great Moor lanzada". Ours, like all the of the world, it is a dictionary done throughout the linguistic history and that accumulates infamias mainly neighbor son: Moors and Jews, Chinese and gypsy But between that linguistic badness and dedicating itself to put pumps is everything an abyss that the simple words are incapable to transfer. Original author and source of the article.

Ivan Aivazovsky

Aivazovsky decided to use the popular belief that in the general rhythm of the waves rolled one stands out with its power and size among others. The ancient Greeks considered the most disastrous third wave, the Romans – tenth. In representations of other navigators most devastating was the ninth shaft. Confronting people and the elements – this theme of the painting. Heroes of the ninth shaft are a single cohesive group still believe in yourself people.

They never for a moment not doubt in his desperate courage, but they have stood the test with flying colors, always supporting each other. Remarkable gesture of one of the heroes, who himself barely holding on to the mast, the last effort of his support exhausted companion, not letting him slip into the abyss. And the whole group stays together, so in case anything happens to cheer each other in an emergency. All this confirms that there is a sense of struggle, the will of man to salvation in his belief that, showing heroism, his own efforts can be saved when all the laws they were destined to die. But the mad elements in the treatment of Aivazovsky's not only appalling – it is also admirable. Glowing lightning flashes of light on water shimmers like a rainbow, shine spray, huge waves rolled heavily through the lost people, menacing rock promise death.

The apparent bust of feelings, in fact, corresponded to a tragic situation. Such realism manifested itself in the film The Ninth Wave, and others, no one in his time in the depiction of marine elements could not reach. The film has incorporated much of what he had seen and experienced by artist. Especially memorable was it a storm, he experienced in the Bay of Biscay in 1844. The storm was so destroyer, the ship found drowned, and in Europe and St. Petersburg newspapers reported the death of a young Russian painter, whose name was already well known. Over the years, Aivazovsky, recalled: "Fear not suppressed in me the ability to accept and store the impression made on me by a storm, as wonderfully alive picture ". His picture of the artist exhibited in Moscow, and from the very beginning was a masterpiece. About her were legends, and 'The Ninth Wave' came to long hours to watch once, as once on the 'Last Days of Pompeii'. In the history of Russian painting this cloth shines like a light beam can be another reason that I. Aivazovsky made his 'live' love for nature at a time when very few Russian artists interested in what we call the 'soul' of nature. Landscape painters to Ivan Aivazovsky wrote chiefly 'beautiful scenery' to impress the viewer wonder and splendor of the famous scenic areas. The sincere love of nature was no question, the living beauty of her did not notice landscapes often wrote without inspiration. Benoit, Alexander said later: '… only one Aivazovsky, walking on the heels of Turner and Martin, was ignited at the time of their enthusiasm inspired by the splendor of the cosmos, is for them alive, organic, and even intelligent being. "

The Possibilities

Nevertheless I have spoken with survivors of holocausto and although it narrates with sadness its losses, they always have a story or narration of something beautiful that happened to them and immediately connects with their present existence and their new lives. Every day is a new opportunity to improve, to cultivate, to grow, to love, to laugh, to share, to pardon . Each of our lives has its own experiences, is some have been easier, by the time that has been called on to them to live, but in each stage there are its own challenges and possibilities, we must learn of our challenges to fortify itself and appreciate the beautiful details that day to day happen in our lives. ” We are working of the day, and our task is to radiate light. We do not have to spend our energies fighting the dark.

We only needed to create day, and the night desvanecer” Rebe. The life must be centered in which you have, in the possibility of extending and of improving with each dawn. God frees to us of bad moments in our lives, and we appreciate good and the beautiful thing that we have every day and that each owns. Hopefully we are able to see our sides and to support sometimes to it needs which it, only with a smile, words, an approval, a coffee, to notice to which is alongside, only, section, solitaire . .esperando that somebody sees it. To base the life on the possibilities, in which you can and must to forge, in which you can construct and seed, in doing and being able to manage to be. To base the life on the best expression, potential and possibility that you have.

Being Happy

The successful and powerful methods that must learn about how the love of a man can be recovered, have worked totally for the people who were making the consultation on the relations with their pairs. Enough tests and it was possible to be verified that became these women were you castrated to recover the love of their men and this was possible thanks to these methods. These women returned to be happy with their respective pairs. The people who participated in these tests were more than 3,000 and you can learn passage by step as allas applied these specific methods so that it worked to them. He can learn with detail luxury all the process. All of them were in the same situation that is you at this moment; they were women who lost their companion, his husband or his fianc2e. All of them hopelessly looked for formulates to find it to recover the love of their men and for always. This is totally truthful, therefore it cannot be allowed to lose this opportunity to obtain what wants, osseous that it returns with you.

I repeat to him that the reason by that they have finished really does not interest, I only can say to him that this is a reality. Then it must be prepared to learn what is the correct way to act so that its lost love returns. The women we must include as the masculine mind works, they have a way to see the things completely different from the one from a woman, is important to get to include/understand this before nothing, but it does not doubt nor a second that it will be able to secure its objectives. When it manages to learn the mechanism of how the mind of the men really works, then it will be in complete control of the situation and therefore it will be able to recover the love of your ex- ones. The masculine mind she is different from the feminine one as well as from the sky from the Earth, for that reason he is fundamental to start off learning his operation first While more time is passing the situation will become more difficult, so it must take action as rapidly as possible. The love is necessary to feed it and to nourish it constantly.

When it is wanted to recover to an ex- ones the time is enemy number one. It must act now if it wants to manage to stop the separation and to revert the process. It learns like recovering to his true love.

Passive Smoker

THE passive smoker one day is a miracle. Gloria Fuertes. MORE than five CENTURIES of SUBJECTION to the whole tobacco smoke began more than five centuries with a friendly gift from the Indians to the discoverers. Although we record that Rodrigo de Jerez it was who brought tobacco to Spain. The Spanish soon made use of those limp and dry leaves, as described Cristobal Colon in his diary on board to the Nicotiana tabacum, by the kind of drunkenness that produced the inhalation of its smoke. After more than five centuries tobacco consumption is regarded as one of the greatest sanitary pests, causing direct death of millions of people around the world.

Smoking is the most important factor of premature death to prevent Western countries, making him responsible for 15 percent of premature deaths. Now considered almost the third part, 30 percent of all cancer deaths are attributable in greater or lesser extent, tobacco and also he is considered responsible for 75 percent of cases of chronic bronchitis and 25 percent of the heart disease. While it is true that Spaniards have been few years not smoking, it seems that the first fruits are already looming, observing a downward trend in tobacco consumption. However, Spain is still next to Cyprus and Greece, a leadership among the countries of the European Union with greater number of smokers in the world ranking who lead, by this order, Cyprus, Greece, Cuba, Canada, United States and Spain with an annual consumption per person between 2,500 and 3,000 cigarettes. Among the nearly 4,000 compounds known are present in tobacco smoke, a large part of them has potential mutagen and carcinogen. Today is fully demonstrated that certain substances, such as nicotine or tar and carbon monoxide are hazardous to health. Irritating and carcinogenic tar compounds are responsible for respiratory pathology of smokers, nicotine and carbon monoxide are responsible for the increased cardiovascular risk.

Franz Kafka

Very clever way to get rid of situations is projecting our own State of mind Franz Kafka in each other from the moment that we started our transit by this dimension and we started to interact, the best according to the teachings of Buddhism, Theosophy, Hinduism, Taoism that have stoked our spiritual mind, we do leads us all a heritage inheritance, product of our transit to other opportunities with other physical vehicle, giving way to what has been called Karma, where our actions we have undertaken are deposited and have generated all debts that remain and should be trabajarser in favor of encouraging our spiritual growth. Wikipedia gives us about Karma, that would be an (invisible and immeasurable) metaphysical energy that is derived from the acts of people. In accordance with the laws of karma, each successive reincarnation would be conditioned by acts performed in previous lives. It is a central belief in the doctrines of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, ayyavazhi and Spiritism. The substantive Sanskrit karman means action.

It comes from the root kri: do (as the a? tell S? tra 4144).The karana etymology is erroneous: causes and manas: mind, in vogue in the West. The letter final n of karman indicates that it is a neutral noun. To analyze their roots would have used only the term kar-ma. Although these religions express differences in the meaning of the word karma, they have a common base of interpretation. Karma is usually interpreted as a law cosmic retribution, or cause and effect.In pali, kamma is said and in Burmese kan. Karma reminds us of indicates that when a person thinks or does something, be positive or negative, it does so because it has at that time a certain level of consciousness, because you save within himself certain beliefs about herself, of others, of life, of God, etc. Logically, since that level of consciousness it continues to act over and over again, and attracts into your life events that are similar to the energy you’re using to think and act.


Joshua Bell is a famous violinist, which gave a small concert in a Washington subway station. The experiment was conducted in February, 2007, at 8 in the morning. During the forty minute approximately Joshua Bell played pieces by Bach, only got a few minutes how many coins of alms and only a few users of the subway, stopped to listen carefully to this exceptional musician. The rest of citizens who at that time were running through the corridors of the metro, went next to the violinist going to their jobs, without paying attention to the music that came out of a 3 million violin played by an extraordinary musician who filled concert halls around the world and whose entries, usually sell out very quickly. Apparently only one woman came not only to interested really in the quality of the music, but even acknowledged the interpreter and told him that I had already heard him, and remembered that how wonderful concert. What happened to all the people that he strolled by that station? Do they did not perceive the extraordinary beauty of the music that came out of that Stradivarius? Did not realize? How many things happen around us that we cannot grasp? Many of us argue that we did not have that opportunity? Or perhaps we were so worried about our duties as lists or account we realize what is happening to our around? how many times we ask Di-os things and opportunities that are around us and not even perceive them? We wrap both in the daily concerns, solve the problems of every day we are leaving aside those dreams and illusions, plans for when we can, but always arise in new situations that deal and again postpone those plans and dreams. When a person does not perceive something, does not mean that that something does not exist, but he still does not perceive it.

Tourist Attractions In London Free

Although London carry with you the label of being one of the most expensive European capitals, with a few tips utlies can raise you a trip to London and even save. There are many companies low cost fly to London, so following their flight deals will be easy, and above all cheap, arriving in the city. Hence, the next concern will be the accommodation: to find London hotels with a good price, a few minutes on the network and you have solved the problem of the hotel. During your stay in the English capital, you can spend time learning in one of the museums of London, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern: culture is priceless, so tickets to these museums are free. London is a very well-connected city. London’s transport has become a recognized image worldwide, millions of mugs, suitcases and all kinds of items with the map of the Tube (subway), photographs of traditional red buses of two floors: all this leads us to use transport public instead of walking, which is healthy and doesn’t cost any effort into his pocket. Many of the points of tourist interest in London are nearby. This is the case of Westminster, a walk through this area take you to Big Ben, Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey.

In Soho and along the River Thames, you will see the London Eye, South Bank Centre and the Tate Modern. Buy you a map and put the sneakers, the markets from Brick Lane to Spitalfields in East London await. The capital of the United Kingdom also has many green areas. Parks such as Hyde Park and the Regent s Park are the perfect place for organizing picnics during good weather and it is where you will find Londoners sunbathing. You can skate, play football or cricket, throwing the dish, any activity that makes you relax and enjoy your free time. Among the vast cultural offer that offers London, going to see a free concert can be a good alternative to the disco to save a little bit and have fun a lot. At the Barbican, in South Bank, There are free concerts in some of the parks in the city during the summer and even in Trafalgar Square. Time Out Magazine or the official website of London will help you choose the concert that you like most. In the lagoons of Hamsptead Heath, highest point in London, you can take a bath: there’s even a gap only for women. In summer it is the ideal place to cool off and escape for a few hours of the buillicio of the city, although most brave Londoners acurren throughout the year!


The glass tubes vacuum Solargreen solar heaters absorb not only direct solar rays but it also absorb solar diffuse radiation allowing warm water even in cloudy with glare days. Each of these glass vacuum tubes are designed in such a way that they are able to withstand hail up to 2.5 cm in diameter. Technical specifications: 1 hot water tank: water storage tank: stainless steel SUS304, thickness 0.5 mm. Thermal insulation: polyurethane foam, density 60 mm. Outer tank, steel painted 0.45 mm (white color). 2 Connection for electric auxiliary heater (optional) 1 1/2 water connections pulgada.3 pulgada.4 angle of the collector 30 to 45 5 team structure: galvanized steel with coating of 1.50 mm.8 glass vacuum tubes: diameter 47 mm, length 1500 mm.9 medium temperature: winter 45, 85 summer capacity, space occupied and weight of Solargreen heaters: 130 l: 2 to 3 people (15 tubes), 1,423 m and 58 kg. 165 l 3: 4 persons (20 tubes), 1,909 m and 74 kg.

245 l: 4 to 6 people (30 tubes), 2,868 m and 93 kg. 300 l: 6 to 8 people (36 tubes), 3,444 m and 109 kg. Optional equipment: pressurised electric pump to boost the electric water heater tank digital thermometer compensation most common applications: homes, hotels, restaurants, buildings, small industries. Advantages of the solar water heaters Solargreen provides hot water 24 hours a day thanks to its thermal storage. Easy installation, is placed on the roof taking advantage of dead areas. It allows significant savings in the habitual consumption of gas and electricity. It reaches temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius.

Fast recovery of investment. Practically zero maintenance. More than 20 years of life. Technology in favour of the environment. Shipments to all Argentina. Wholesale and retail sales. Complete manual for an easy Assembly and installation. Possibility of financing with cards of credit.