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Blog about travel – tourism, recreation, countries, cities, resorts, attractions. Good day to all visitors to my blog about travel. I myself love to travel and love to read about travel, it is so I decided to start a blog. Inside you’ll find many stories of different people travel. Adam Sandler addresses the importance of the matter here. Be able to see through their eyes to different countries and customs.

I am sure that when a blog to accumulate a lot of these stories, you may well guided by the will decide where you want to go, and plan your trip and avoid unforeseen situations, because they will all be addressed to the authors, who visited many parts of the world. This blog designed for those people who are interested in everything new and unknown, who love and are able to rest, who want to learn more about the sights and interesting places that love to travel, to find beautiful where it hidden nature or man. Unlike many of our site from other similar – these are real stories from the horse’s mouth, written about in detail (it can be used as a guide to action and map), artistic and funny, some are accompanied by photographs of their own not only the standard plan, but what many do not notice when you travel: pleasant things up to an unusual tree or stone. Zohodite, write, write comments, will be very happy! How to find us yet Related? Contact: To contact the administrator of a mail yek.pawlowa2011 dog, which is checked several times a week. In addition to mail, you can write directly to comment to any entry. With your questions or suggestions. My blog site about travel: Zohodite, write, write comments, will be very happy!

Himalayan Range

Figures she is portrayed as: the holy mountain slope four that face the main sides of the world and a different color: red – to the north, yellow – to the south, white – to the east and a dark brown or black – to the west. Pilgrims believe that the last 108 laps around Kailash is guaranteed to be reborn in the Pure Land is in heaven. Buddhist description of the universe puts in the center of Mount Meru (Sumeru), it underpins the sky. For Hindus, Kailash – a place of residence Shiva the Destroyer. But its peak again is the image of Mount Sumeru, a mountain in the center of the universe.

2. Lake Manasarovar is located near Kailash at an altitude of 4540 m and is the most sacred lake in Tibet. The water in this extraordinary turquoise. According to legend, this water can cure all diseases. Even just washing up, you will be free from all worries and anxieties. Near the lake there are hot springs. Specially made for the visitors with private booths rooms and a transparent ceiling. Kingdom of Nepal Kingdom of Nepal lies between two major Asian countries – India and China.

This is a small country situated on the southern slopes of the world’s tallest Himalayan Range. In the north-east by India. Nepal – this is the only state in the world where Hinduism is proclaimed the state religion. The Heart of Nepal – Katamandu. Just one day, and from Kathmandu can be get to where see the sunrise over Mount Everest. One has a sight inexplicable, great power and can drive out of your mind all the worries and doubts. Nepal – the birthplace of Gautama Buddha, whose teachings formed the foundation of Buddhism. In the temple of Pashupatinath (Temple of Shiva) seeks to get at least once in their lives every Hindu. For those who are looking for spirituality and enlightenment – the places of power are everywhere. And due to the presence of the great masters, the ancient sacred places and temples with the natural high in the mountains … Of course, all places of power in India, Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas in general, not describe. The places described here, this is the most accessible to the uninitiated (not yet self- travelers) power points. Many of the larger tour operators, and small firms engaged in the magic of tourism, will ensure that you visit these places. When you select this tour (an esoteric journey, magic tour, etc.) – note that the emphasis on the seller of the tour. Our goal – a place of power, and thus you will approach a leisurely tour is not just the sights, namely the places of power to stay there for some time, with meditative practices, with the ability to be alone with nature and with itself … Usually in such tours depart in small groups. A record start for several months. So be careful when choosing their “Conductors” to make your trip a true “I” does not become a regular sightseeing tour.