‘Plumage’ For Car

At the beginning of the article should be recalled that prior to the intervention in the shape of your car, do not be lazy and check with the dealer, because the changes may affect your warranty. So, if the dealer gave the nod, or you risking the loss of warranty, they decided to refine the machine, there comes a time selecting the appropriate devaysa. In our case it is the rear spoiler on the trunk, or glass. The question arises, Where to buy the necessary detail and to what calculate the amount? You can buy a spoiler and a half to two thousand rubles in any auto shop, but in this case will have to rely on the cheaper model in the style of "pan-racing." For part of the European manufacturers will have to pay sum in the region 12000-16000 rubles. And finally, the desired device can be purchased from an authorized dealer, but the purchase price will be quite high. The amount of detail could reach the mark of 30,000 rubles. Actor addresses the importance of the matter here. And you will be asked to make installation and painting in the company's service. The undeniable advantage here is that the piece installed in the company's service in no way affect the guarantee of the car.

What is the preferred option? The first option is better not to considered at all, of course, if you do not like to tinker with tools such as grinders, and various file and a filler. The quality of such goods is rarely possible to estimate even the "satisfactory". Option Seller all good, but has one significant drawback. The cost of purchase and installation would be disastrous. It remains the last option – search for products of good quality at a reasonable price. Assistant in this case is often a Internet. Finally, you have found a spoiler and must be installed. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is a great source of information.

Here we describe the process of installing a spoiler on the rear window of the car. Installation process itself is as follows: 1) Bought spoiler must be applied to "The future place of residence" – to check the convergence of lines, to carry out the fitting and, therefore, to evaluate the changes in appearance. 2) You need to see the inside of the spoiler. In case you have not tinted glass, it would be blacken the inside of the well in order to give your little devaysu raisins. As calumniator can use a thin strip of film dubbing. 3) At this stage it is necessary to prepare for installed by cleaning and degreasing, using car shampoo and a solvent. Choosing a solvent, do not forget that many of them can harm the paintwork of your car. As a matter for mount recommended to use a special road sealant. 4) Getting to the unit itself. From tools for installation have to resort to using a special glue gun (or syringe). Sealant applied evenly and quickly. 5) Putting a spoiler on its rightful place preferably two – so the alignment process will be faster. 6) Once the sealant begins to grasp, with mounting tape to attach a spoiler to body of the car and left in this position for 4-12 hours. And finally, the moment comes when the sealant is firmly holds your pride! The only thing, do not forget that after the installation process can not go unattended sink at least during the day.

Material Handling Equipment

Predecessors trucks appeared very long ago, in the late 19th – early 20th century. In 1906 the Pennsylvania Railroad has presented an electric platform for moving luggage, and was used at railway stations. Modern loader came about in the 20s of last century by a number of European and American companies that were independent of development. Tangible impetus razvitiyaetoy industry has become first world war, labor shortages led to the fact that several European companies have begun to develop independent technology for loading and unloading operations. The forerunner of industrial forklifts a car Clark Equipment Company with which to transport the sand ..

The Second World powerfully accelerated the development of the production trucks, and primarily concerns the United States. U.S. firms supplied the U.S. army trucks after completion of the 2nd World War they continued to work in Europe and with the help of their rebuilding destroyed cities. These trucks have become legendary for its reliability and AC power.

After the war, there was growth Europe, and there was a particularly podm German economy is affected companies such as Jungheinrich, STILL GmbH, Linde, Steinbock less significant role in the development of trucks played Eastern producers. Among them were such manufacturers as VTA Kraft (GDR), Desta (Czechoslovakia), “Lions” (USSR) and ‘Balkancar’ (Bulgaria). In our country, loaders Balkancar appeared in the 50s. (Bulgaria), but soon appeared on the market Japanese loaders world-renowned companies la Japan. Shirokoispolzovalis loaders such corporations as Nissan, Komatsu, Hyster, Toyota., SCI, currently the world’s trucks has been a tendency of integration and merger of manufacturers .. Top ten global manufacturers of forklift trucks is not One year led by such corporations as Toyota, Kion Group (brands Linde, STILL GmbH), Nacco Industries (brands Yale, Hyster,), Jungheinrich, Crown, Mitsubishi / Caterpillar, Komatsu, Nissan, Kalmar, TCM. In today’s time, forklifts noticeably improved. Many companies pay producers of forklifts attention not only to function handlers, but also on the look!

Manufacture And Sale (made To Order Or Fit The Mold), Small

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Car Care Candles

The quality of the candles can be seen from a car of its type electrodes and thermal insulator cone. If the cone is covered with black candles wet oily sludge, then it is a clear sign that the candle is too cold for that engine. The same could also indicate worn piston rings and cylinder, or it indicates a very high level of oil in the crankcase. Availability, dry carbon black is a result of very long work the engine at idle or during regular driving at low speed and low load vehicle. If the insulator cone candle is clean, completely dry, almost white, with traces of partial melting that it may mean that this candle is too hot for the engine or put up too early ignition. In a normally operating candle color facility should be from light gray to light brown. Nagar has almost absent. Candles need regular cleaning and adjustment of the gap between the electrodes.

During the intensive use of the vehicle the operation should be performed every 10 thousand miles. In the case where annual mileage is less than 10 thousand kilometers, clean and adjust spark gap preferably twice a year, just before the start of summer and winter operating season. To clean the candles are prohibited use sharp metal objects, this is due to the fact that they are easily damaged or scratched insulator on the spark. Scratched on the cone of the insulator begins to increase carbon formation, carbon deposits, in turn, begins to bridge the electrodes, in the end, the candle does not work. There is a belief that is passed down from generation to generation, the essence of this belief lies in the fact that the electrodes must be cleaned candles supposedly open flame. Typically, such actions are deplorable outcome. First, the candle held a similar process, usually out of order. Second, this situation can have serious consequences, which manifest themselves in that the candle is due to overheating becomes latent defect, it just starts to work then, no, and the apparent reason for this is not.

The best way to clean candle is a chemical process which is following. Candles defatted with petrol and dried thoroughly, then put them into hot 20% aqueous ammonium acetate, and kept them there for 30 minutes, the temperature of the solution at this time should not be below 90 degrees. After that, the candles carefully cleans hard nylon brush, thoroughly washed with hot water and dried. All this work should be carried out in the open air, due to the fact that a hot solution of vapors acetic acid. The gap between the electrodes is controlled by candles podgibaniya ground electrode to measure the gap should be used not flat, but cylindrical probe. This is due to the fact that as a result of wear and tear ground electrode is formed recess, so flat probe measurement can not give the correct result.

Changing the Timing Belts

Timely quality replacement timing belt will protect us from repairing the engine of your car. For proper distribution of fuel mixture intake and exhaust in the cylinders of an internal combustion engine use the gas distribution mechanism (RM). Valves are opened or closed through the drive of the camshaft and cam mechanism. It is used shesterenochnaya, zubchatoremennaya or chain drive. It is important to monitor the condition of the timing belt, which in case of breakage leads to the conclusion that the engine failure, as a result of the impact piston valve. Typically, the life of timing belts – a 55-60 thousand miles.

In order to determine whether to replace the belt, we must carefully examine himself belt. It should not be mud, he must not look worn, the belt must be in place all the teeth and should not be any damage. If it does belt worn – need to be replaced. Experienced drivers are ready to replace the timing belt itself. If you have enough experience, but for frequently do not have time, then it is better to consult a qualified mechanic in the service station. Especially, make the change of timing belt can make a full vehicle computer diagnostics. And you'll be completely confident in all mechanisms of your car. If you do decide to self-replace the timing belt, the first than to disassemble the engine to be 100% sure that you can painlessly build it. Check whether all the on-site installation marks the suitability of the necessary details at face value if there is enough for you the necessary instruments.

Stamped Steel

In general, motorists are choosing chrome wheels due to their attractive design. But this is not one of their advantage. Choosing chrome alloy wheels, selected quality. Chrome wheels, made of aluminum alloys, little susceptible to external influences, and even after ten years of their operation, they will look like new, of course, if they do not have deep scratches that spoil the appearance. A smaller specific gravity, reduces the load on the tires.

And, accordingly, increased ride on bumpy roads. Also, weight has a positive effect on the engine – a low moment of inertia of wheels allows the vehicle accelerate faster. Cast or forged chrome wheels to the same ventilation contribute to the braking system. In general, chrome wheels increase the performance of any car. There are cast and forged chrome drives. Forged in comparison with cast much more expensive and have less corrosion protection. There is also a classic forged chrome wheels.

But like all steel wheels, they have many drawbacks, which is constantly referred to and spoken. Now, it is necessary to talk about the plating. What is this process and how it affects the rims? Chrome plating – it's saturation of the surface of products with chromium. A layer of chromium may be applied as and for ornamental purposes, and to increase the hardness. Also, the saturation of chrome disc allows increased resistance to external influences and mud chemicals. The CD, which is exposed chrome, usually takes the following steps. The cleaning of stubborn dirt, then fine cleaning, training, placement in a bathroom or a special container with a solution and temperature equalization. After that, connect the electric current and part is kept under tension to build the desired thickness. In most countries the process of chrome plating is under strict control, as waste and reagents, followed by extremely toxic. So are new ways to handle the discs, such as high-speed gas flame spraying. Chrome, as mentioned above, improves corrosion resistance and is used to reduce friction. The hardness of chromium up to 70 HRC, and its thickness can reach 0.25 mm. Chrome plating is not effective lining, so when he drives are further processed. Choose whether or alloy chrome wheels leave Stamped Steel individual choice for every car owner. The main thing that came to the drive wheels. Many motorists believe that the acquisition of alloy wheels, does not justify the expenses for their purchase. And in terms of our roads of any drive can fail, but that's cast, yet is more resistant and very handsome. Alloy chrome wheels not only possesses high decorative properties, look elegant and stylish, but also improve the driving performance of any the car, its management.

Renault Logan

We make the removal of the engine on Renault Logan, if you need to repair or replacement. If the work is done on a pit or ramp, the engine is better removed from the engine compartment up with a winch, having removed the gearbox. In the garage, equipped with a lift, comfortable remove from the engine compartment down the entire power plant, and then otsoedenit engine and gearbox. Surgery to remove the engine and powertrain looking for Renault Logan with power steering and air conditioning. Remove the battery, pre-otsoedeniv terminals. Merge of motor oil and antifreeze. Disconnect the receiving tube the exhaust from the exhaust manifold, disconnect the tip of the fuel tube from the fuel rail fitting. Detach the cable from the tip of the intermediate lever throttle.

Disconnect the tube check valve vacuum brake booster fitting from the intake pipe. Disconnect the tube from the canister purge pipe on the intake manifold. Remove the power steering reservoir control of the upper cross frame radiator. Detachable bracket power steering tube of the cylinder. Bolts turn away the power steering pump to bracket engine and, without disconnecting from the pump, pipe and hose, cord or wire to tie the pump to the top crosspiece frame radiator so that it does not interfere with the dismantling of the engine. Remove the generator. Disconnect the wires from the starter. Turn away the air conditioner compressor mounting bolts to the bracket and not severing the tubes of air conditioning, compressor allot to the side and tie, so it does not interfere with engine removal.