Finally Printo

Practical examples show the process simplification and time savings, combined with PrintoLUX : a German automotive supplier ca. 50 000 required cable signs for a project. These were produced using engraving technique at home. The staff responsible for this managed 800 pieces per day, so well three months for the required number. With two PrintoLUX today over 6,000 signs can basic systems on the day of manufacture. After eight days, 50,000 plates are ready for use. Due to the shorter working time saves the company at an hourly rate of 35 more than 15,000 euros on a single project. The investment in the PrintoLUX systems was paid already after the first usage.

Contributes to the flexibility of the labelling process of also, that content changes/corrections are included up to the last minute without this twice to produce and to take the Committee into buying. Finally PrintoLUX mounts directly on site can be used which often proves an also time – and cost-saving option. The suppliers of the large German automotive companies PrintoLUX has made a name in a short time there is a large intersection at suppliers who also work for Audi and Daimler/smart and BMW. Most of these companies is the name PrintoLUX”in a short time to a term become, as they experience the benefits of this young marking procedure compared to conventional methods and achieve significant savings through the simplification of the process associated with the use of PrintoLUX. Compared to the classical engraving, a much higher number can produced with PrintoLUX in the mail merge per day. Thus making the signs can be closer to date place and any changes that arise during this period, can already First position of the indicator be taken into account. Users can take the system to the Assembly and locally make changes/additions in the short term.

Individual Figure Cut Bags Make Impression

Brochures, logo pens and printed post-its: Each supermarket have sold veteran boring advertising bags, which are printed with the logo of the respective chain. Square, practical and commonplace and therefore fall on anyone anymore. So-called character cut pockets, which can be customized individually are much promotional. They are so alone a Catcher because they deviate from the usual rectangular shape and have, for example, the shape of a product or logo. Also, they stand out by unusual prints and handles. Figure cut bags are especially asked fairs appealing to fashion and to depict the company concept.

Thus, the Pocket serves the interested parties not only as a practical carrying aid, but also as effective reminder. If we are even at trade fairs, visitors actually face our cabinets and photograph our products”, so Diana Kroll, Managing Director of Kargar packaging GmbH. popular motifs are about the Bags that were cut for a Munich-based car dealership in the form of small automobiles or the model that has the shape of an engine. Also a well known producer of cheese can be for its customers and prospects regularly something new come up. The company ordered it bags in the round shape of a cheese loaf at Karanja or let another bag in the form of a suitcase customize and print with Dutch country stickers.

Also an Asian Embassy ordered round bags with an individual, colourful print. But not only when choosing forms, in relation to the design of the handle, a lot is possible. For example, a world-famous brand of cosmetics on the Bavarian packaging specialists is turned with a particularly unusual request. The company wanted a feather BOA as Henkel,”so Kroll. A wish that was fulfilled. “” Also the advertising a car producer in this respect waiting with a special feature: the punched out O “lettering WOW” the grip hole for the promotional bag is at the same time. A gimmick, which probably stands each in the eye and remains in memory. This can be achieved with the help of a clever idea. Because on a trade show with some important is hundreds of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors who are exposed to a large sensory overload, as to impress exhibiting at first glance. While the twentieth logo pens at home often carelessly thrown away, the shapely figure cut pockets wake even associations of the visited State and the presented products even after the fair visit. At the same time, they are mnemonic and practical utensil. Applies to: ever more unusual design for the bag, the more sustainable the advertising effectiveness. Our customers often come to with very specific ideas on us. Send us a design and we look at how we can implement this. Normally we always find a way”, so Kroll. With more than 40 years experience in the back, the family-owned company in Neuried near Munich, knows whether with offset, flexo, screen, low – or even transfer printing should be developed which handle carry much weight and how the bags need to be glued. So, an economical and high-quality solution can be found depending on the customer’s requirement.

Satisfied Customers

“Her front company boasts high quality forth Forder company boasts high quality level of our State of the art distribution center directly on the A2 in Herford, is not only the starting point for fast transport distances and the uncomplicated handling of national and international processes, but ultimately the basis, to keep the costs as low as possible for our customers”, reports Klaus Hoppe. Since July 1, 2011, it reinforces the operational management of LOEWE of logistics & care GmbH & co. KG in Herford, Germany, which is one of the most efficient logistics and fullfillment sellers in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. “” “” Within the divisions selling high-quality consumer products and merchandising “, forms and advertising” special logistics and services “as well as sample management” the company offers many performance modules, which provide both for successful customers and satisfied end customers: it was in camp management where we for our “Customer ready m of warehouse space and 21,000 pallet places 21,000 m, or set in the distribution, where we guarantee a transparent flow of goods with optimum tariff structures to: our recipe for success is that we look at the world of logistics through the eyes of our customers.” Also in his other performance areas that understands not only the management of returns, but also the areas of customer relationship management, IT and E-shop solutions and include accounts receivable and procurement management, it the company again and again to convince through a high level of quality: at LOEWE logistics & care, we just have fun on our work..

John Niland

The extraordinary performance in an emergency to the extraordinary capability in the normal case”, as Anselm Gorres of Chairman of the AIMP. Good references and information provide security sad truth of the AIMP study: still 4 out of 10 decision-makers know not what interim management. That is a frustrating, because we all are on the road for years as a preacher or pioneers, but shows up, where even today the main adjustment screw for more interim management projects”, as Harald Schonfeld, at the same time Chief of butterflymanager, a dedicated interim which in the AIMP provider. There was consensus that high-quality information with good references is important for the customer to win trust and… And then of course best quality work, so he uses it again, recommendations even… and interim management is ultimately something completely normal. Interim Manager has been professionalized Manager professionals in their own right even the professional image of the interim himself. The key-note speaker John Niland showed how a professional interim strategically focused managers in their own right, positioned and dealing with (potential) customers, recommendation donors and providers.

With good planning and consistent implementation of sales success is sustainable. To include a work and regular training of the own methodological expertise. Long-standing close cooperation is the positive tenor of this year’s annual Forum: professional mediator by interim services worth their fee – even from a perspective of mediated Interim Manager. A good and long-term partnership between interim managers and providers pays off for all pages. Basis for cooperation promising is a clear professionalism of both sides and active provider relations”. For the Interim Manager does this, his qualifications and unique selling propositions clear out to work with verifiable references provided and sustained to establish contact. Companies can benefit enormously from this competence of the provider built partly over the years, to the right and really good Interim Manager know and recommend. The wish was expressed in the reverse case, that provider is clearer to distinguish, so just from the new market (and customers) more easily can be assessed, which provider is the appropriate and competent to own profile. As a whole unanimously agreed that in the first phase of the trial trust and a clear and open dialogue necessarily successful cooperation and ultimately leads to customer satisfaction.