Social Security

The NHS, the equivalent of Social Security in England, is considering the idea of financially compensate the people who make the effort to quit smoking. A public consultation for the whole country has been launched to determine how effective the measure might be. NICE, the Board that advises the English health service, has begun to explore the concept and they have given the green light to the idea. The public consultation will last until November. In addition to helping people quit smoking, economic incentives could also be supplied to persons who lose weight or stop drug. One of the problems the Council of citizens found in this measure is that smokers will invest the money in his habit. There were concerns about the cost of the incentives on the taxpayer who pays their rates at end of month. A spokesman for NICE said I understand the people who found the measure, especially in these times, inconvenient payment of incentives has been compared to bribe people to lose weight or quit smoking.

Help for quitting the English social security already offers different services to quit as therapies and help to smokers and Champix medication sessions, who sell it with recipe since 2007 when the anti-smoking law was imposed in the country. CHAMPIX reduces the need and desire to quit and has demonstrated a high effectiveness in recent years. The new anti-smoking law is about to enter into force at the beginning of the coming year will be forbidden to smoke in most establishments. In our country are attributed 700 deaths a year among nonsmokers by exposure to tobacco smoke at work or leisure centres. Tobacco is the leading cause of death in our country, last year killed more than 60,000 people by tobacco, while, inexplicably, the number of women smokers and young people continues to rise.