Fernando Solabre Autor

Recently, remodel it has rediscovered the lobby, making as if I revert to reconnect with an old friend to know that there is still. Another attraction that had the station, were the shopping areas and the upper terraces. Also with its innumerable escalators. You accedias to what I believe was the first shopping center in Spain. Many shops, cafes, kiosks, etc, although to me what most attracted me were sweets shops. That with four hard, because there was no more, you bought what you give of themselves.

Because the same thing with the lobby of nearby, happened with the terraces. They were so immense and also for ourselves who came back to feel the Kings of the station. They were a real maze, disproportionate in size for people who used to be in the area. Also on the terraces could be one of the most important mysteries for a preteen kid, the Macumba nightclub. A nightclub, in life he had entered none and that darkness that looked through the door and entering a lot of elderly people, was that the mystery and curiosity outside greater. I also have a great memory, although he was already more older, back in the spring of the year 85, when they made the presentation of 10000 cars.

I didn’t know that that day had that presentation. And a day of loving depression in that age already it is known, I went for a walk through the station and found the entire presentation of new cars. A great pleasure was to enter cars, the new smell, innovations and much tranquility, there were not many people. Another thing that was once again all for me. I sat in a first compartment, when had first preferred not and there I spent all afternoon crying my sentences, hearing the last disc of Aute, which debuted it at the same time that these cars by the piped music. And there I was until a flight attendant, came to me and told me, is already well woke me up from the slumber in which I was enjoying a good time and continue the visit. Finally, when in the early 1990s I did an interrail, great adventure already face abroad, the finalization of the trip after a month traveling across Europe was impressive return home entering Chamartin. After adventures that supposed an interrail, did you assess much better station. We saw that the station gave him a hundred thousand returns to any European station. More modern, cleaner, more practice. And in addition you llegabas home. Therefore, what has meant the chamartin train station for me, my memories, my adventures, my raids and my antics are going to always leave a pleasant memory. Sowing with those aluminums and those developments that now, looking back, that line looks dubious elegance, but then were a step forward. That station and that memory will always me.