The Movie

Let it be for them a real surprise. Just at the appointed time for all event participants will expect a comfortable movie-bus which will bring all in a specially equipped room, where the preliminary work with the actors Yeralash. Already during the journey will begin shooting a reality show, which will give the children opportunity to penetrate the atmosphere of upcoming events. In kinogruppe child team will be waiting to welcome you, a celebratory breakfast, Image collection of stories Yeralash "and a fascinating interview with this director. The boys learn to shoot a scene will now participate. Everyone can express themselves and make a "creative application". Real-estate developer is likely to agree. However, leading role on the right will get a birthday. Over the next few hours, all participants will get a holiday in the wonderful, magical and yet very real world of cinema.

Makeup, lighting, work with the director, the game as adults by professional actors – all will be for real, but a dynamic and interesting for everyone. Guys feel not just actors, but a cohesive creative team. At the end of filming will take place a real "star" party for children and their parents with all necessary attributes: banquets, graduations and awards in various categories, the atmosphere of success and fun. Perhaps received the day Oscar not only will the memory last a lifetime, but also inspire someone to new achievements and victories, not necessarily in the movie well, culminating in a party long fireworks, this symbol of celebration and man-made magic. The fact that everything that happened was not a dream, a biographical fact, each participant will be able to see the event, receiving the memory created by our team of dvd c thematic design. This unique celebration of childhood can be will remember the next day in the company of friends, and many years later when it will want to smile again and feel happy


Children's table typically costs: A) sandwiches – canapes B) fruit, decorated in the form of animal B) fruit milkshakes D) a birthday cake with candles Do not worry that children will hungry: more important to them play and communication. There is another important difference between children from adults: they always have many common themes. If they are together, then they will not be bored. They just need the time and place. It is important to consider where it will pass holiday. If this place turns out to be your own apartment, it is desirable if possible to remove from the game room items that are forbidden to play.

You should not spoil a holiday exclusions and limitations, without which you can do. Of course, the ideal place for independent games is playing in the cafe. This is both convenient and enjoyable for both children and adults. Other leaders such as san-antonio-spurs offer similar insights. And more all the same rule: the fewer children and more attention. Up to three years, children without adult play can not quite. Children older than five years of good play together, even though before that they were not familiar.

If children are playing themselves, the main thing – do not disturb them. There is a special treat for children: games with roditelyami.Obychno, We – adults so overburdened by their work and everyday worries that the light-hearted game there is not enough. But if you want to please the child, will take part with him in a fun show program. Separate theme: Leisure parents during children's holiday. On the one hand, it is easiest if the parent is assigned the time at which they must pick up children. But on the other hand, it complicates the task of parents birthday: they assume responsibility for all younger guests. If all the parents waiting for their children, what they take? Consider the minimum table and subject to communication. How much detail should think through entertainment adult children's events depends on a) the possibility b) desires) the need to make nice, not only the child and his guests, but parents and children came. Completed holiday wires guests. At this point, it is very important to hold each personally, preferably at the same time each young guests to hand in parting a little souvenir. Let it be a reminder of this day.


Strollers transformers can transform from a stroller into a carriage-cradle. Such wheelchair-transformers can easily fold and not quite heavy. And the trouble with a stroller-transformer occurs less in various small rooms. The Combined prams are universal chassis that allows you to set the seat stroller or wheelchair-enclosed cart basket. These strollers have large wheel drive and good permeability. Chassis have combined carriages are arranged so that the stroller seat can be rotated in two directions – back and face his mother. When buying a pram you need to pay interest to toddler in a stroller was comfortable. Must take into account the ease with which would bend back the stroller in the prone position and safety enhancements and features front crossbar.

Under protective accessories baby strollers are meant water-repellent material in strollers, carrying case on the legs, umbrella-hood, soft seat, and, naturally, a good spring. Perhaps check out Vladislav Doronin for more information. Particular attention is drawn to the presence in a baby carriage wheels rotating axes, it is important to a great extent for your personal comfort. Remember: the larger the wheel, the better its permeability, and the smaller wheels, the better the maneuverability of your pram. In the pram yet important lever to regulate the slope and height of the stroller. More will less hassle parents mat, a basket for things and pull-out pad. Most of the carriages, cradles have a body of hard plastic that protects and also insulated it.

The name of this body of the pram "safety cage", it must be holes in the plastic for ventilation, which can be zachinyat. Better to upholstery material in the body of child wheelchair may have been taken off to wash her. Body pram should be with handles on the sides and straps for easy transport. The body of the child should be free, so there he was not close, but not much cumbersome. In a stroller should be safety belts, that the kid accidentally flew out of it. In the stroller is a footstool, and best of all, that it was a metal or plastic, but necessarily with cloth bedding – that the child is weighed feet by changing situation stands.

Master With Children

Children need our attention and care. Kids crave to be desired. They not only need us, but they want us to need them. How to show your child that he is an important part of the family that he heard from him are to his opinion listen? Through joint activities. How do you start and, most importantly, how to interest the child? Prepare the necessary materials, sit at the table and call the kid. Although, I'm sure seeing your cooking, running with joy and solemnity, he escaped himself! Say: "I so want to make a gift to my father (mother, grandmother, grandfather, or a frame for our favorite pictures, or anything else – no matter!), But I'm afraid I can not manage itself. Who would help me? (Or 'Oh, if I helped someone ').

'I'll help! " – Yells the kid. And you with enormous enthusiasm, says: "That's great! Without you I would not right! " Now imagine that a child who is so often reproached that he had something spilled or broken, soiled or broken a new toy, the child asked to help! Hence, we need it, so he knows something, then, without adults do not cope! This is a huge incentive, trust me. Now prepare a place for your baby. Better that he sat next to so it was convenient. (My daughter was sitting at 2.6 years, during our joint creativity on the table, the same place where we worked.) Of course, laundry cleaning afterwards no end, but it sure is worth it! Several helpful hints. Difficult job to do yourself.

Let your child do what he can, he can. If you see that interest in the baby became weak at least for a bit, stop a lesson and find him another. ('Oh, how you've done a lot! Help Now me. Look well whether I did it? ") Does not take long crafts. I understand that when you begin, I want to finish, but try to prolong the pleasure. Return to hack the next day. During operation talking with the baby, telling him what you are doing and why. Think together as you give a gift (or to put a hack). Turn on a light unobtrusive music (I recommend the classics in a special treatment for children). Make sure that the music does not prevent you from talking, thinking. Ask to join the other family members. Make it so that during the no distraction of the child in other pursuits. Ready-made crafts supply at prominently, proudly shows guests and friends for a while take the group in a kindergarten (there will be only too happy). This will be a great incentive for continuing creativity. Many parents are beginning to do something and almost immediately abandoned. In order to prevent this from happening to you, select the day (eg Sunday) and the approximate time and duration of joint activities. Stick to this schedule, and soon your kid will shout: 'Hurrah! Today Sunday! We will do crafts! " And do not forget our main objective – to deliver the child to enjoy!

Classes For Children Up To 2 Years

Activity is important for our kids to develop as a mental and physical. Well-planned activities are beneficial to child development. At the age of 2 years, the basics of reading, writing and shall be such that to arouse interest and curiosity. Activities should allow children to explore the world in its own way and use their imagination and creativity. Here are some activities for 2 year olds, who can be helpful in learning and child development in general.

Classes for 2-year-old children at home Hunting animals you will need: * Animal Toys * Paper and pen is one of the most interesting games for 2-year-olds at home. It is very like a treasure hunt. Invent a story that tells about various animals, and tell her child. Now assemble toys of all animals that have been in the history of the basket. Let your child will leave the room briefly, and you at this time hide the toys around the room.

Then write a list of all the animals that were in history, and ask your child to find and put in the basket of animal stories. Cross mark animals, to check whether all animals that were in history, the child found it and put in the basket. Baby charades you need: * Imagination * Creativity This game is like a charade, in which adults play, but more simplified. Emulate various animals and objects, let the child guesses what you're showing. You can also give clues to the child quickly find the answer, if it does not work for a long time, and then ask them to show anything. Another option is to simulate activities, let kids guess what it is about. This game allows the child to move when you have to guess. Before the game, explain to them the rule that there should be no talking. Kids will love to play this game. This may be one of the best lessons on a rainy day. Activity 2-year-olds at home Draw your finger you will need: * water * Colour ink sheet of paper * Arts and crafts will help your child use creativity and imagination. He or she will also learn to recognize colors. Give your child a blank sheet of paper and colored ink, and now let him play this game without rules. Such activities can keep the children busy for hours. Tell us about color, how and when they are used. This can help them create different images and some very light pieces such as trees, birds, hearts and flowers. Necessarily make sure the paint that are used are not toxic! It's been several studies for the 2-year-olds that can do at home, in kindergarten or playground. Parents can come up with games and activities in Depending on the interest of the child and his ability to learn, because each child has their own unique way of learning and understanding. Do not use force during these events, as this may deprive the interest game. Let your child happy during the training.

Passive Smoker

THE passive smoker one day is a miracle. Gloria Fuertes. MORE than five CENTURIES of SUBJECTION to the whole tobacco smoke began more than five centuries with a friendly gift from the Indians to the discoverers. Although we record that Rodrigo de Jerez it was who brought tobacco to Spain. The Spanish soon made use of those limp and dry leaves, as described Cristobal Colon in his diary on board to the Nicotiana tabacum, by the kind of drunkenness that produced the inhalation of its smoke. After more than five centuries tobacco consumption is regarded as one of the greatest sanitary pests, causing direct death of millions of people around the world.

Smoking is the most important factor of premature death to prevent Western countries, making him responsible for 15 percent of premature deaths. Now considered almost the third part, 30 percent of all cancer deaths are attributable in greater or lesser extent, tobacco and also he is considered responsible for 75 percent of cases of chronic bronchitis and 25 percent of the heart disease. While it is true that Spaniards have been few years not smoking, it seems that the first fruits are already looming, observing a downward trend in tobacco consumption. However, Spain is still next to Cyprus and Greece, a leadership among the countries of the European Union with greater number of smokers in the world ranking who lead, by this order, Cyprus, Greece, Cuba, Canada, United States and Spain with an annual consumption per person between 2,500 and 3,000 cigarettes. Among the nearly 4,000 compounds known are present in tobacco smoke, a large part of them has potential mutagen and carcinogen. Today is fully demonstrated that certain substances, such as nicotine or tar and carbon monoxide are hazardous to health. Irritating and carcinogenic tar compounds are responsible for respiratory pathology of smokers, nicotine and carbon monoxide are responsible for the increased cardiovascular risk.