It was passing for a test of nerves that never it had tried before. But what it was still unaware of, it was that worse it was for happening. Its thoughts would enter in action and that voice, or suggestion, that it never indentificara, would go to start the torture section. When it looks at for the opening perceives through the mirror, that the men are marching, encircling sarcfago. In a rhythm similar to the dance of the rain of the Brazilian indians. The racket of the instruments was deafening. It felt until homesicknesses of those sounds of the kitchens of the restaurants that work. Not it gave to hear nor its proper thoughts.

The beaten one of the percussion seemed to enter to it for the chest. At that moment it remembers its first room when it arrived in London. Costumava always to complain of its size. But compared with that one sarcfago now, the room seemed plus a presidential suite. As it was happy and not wise person. Suddenly the tambores stop, and become a mortal silence. Seconds later, hear steps come in its direction.

A calafrio goes up to it all for the body. Vz already it starts to make it suggestions: ' ' it can open sarcfago' '. He was everything that it did not want to know. That strange sensation, that already tries some times, starts to take it account. All the adrenalin supply runs through its sanguineous chain. Its heart beats in a frantic rhythm. It closes the eyes, therefore he was only possible reaction at that moment. Its brain already started to show images to it. If it saw being doped and led clearly in secrecy to be sacrificed in Egypt. Provalvelmente would be burnt alive in a great fogueira, ahead of an immense euphoric multitude. Waiting the great moment to see the great consumed profanador being to the few for the flames.