Organized Abyss

Have you ever had to feel like sleeping in a cloud of organized abyss? Happened to you is that you did not notice an important incoming e-mail, or miss important meetings, or on the way home forgot to go to the store and buy milk? A couple of years ago to found myself in that position, and because I believed in the power of technology, there was only one version of: I went to the nearest store and bought iPhone. I assumed that the phone will work Like a bad personal assistant – that he would always remind me of what I should do next, and will record all the most important thing I have to say. A while my iPhone has worked this way. Must say that even if the smartphone is supplemented with thousands of additional applications, only some of them prove their necessity, in regard to the question the organization of everyday life. Here are a few additional applications, that can help your life run smoothly. To-do list.

iPnone has so many applications to list the daily tasks that I had to make such a list to consider all offers. Your preferences will depend on the type of your work. Some of the good applications for organizations of cases – including Things, developed by Cultured Code, as well as OmniFocus, the developer of Omni Group, each of which costs $ 20 – involve working only with a copy of Mac. If you are on mind such things, you can easily add them to your friends in iPnone.

Mobile Phones Part 1

Currently, mobile phones have virtually everyone, and some of two or more. Now it is an integral part of life, without which the people have still quite tight, because the phone to make communication affordable as needed, not just at the moment when you are in the unit. As the famous saying goes, a holy place is never empty, and in our case, the location of telephone fraud is already taken. Unfortunately, very few think about the security of your phone. Part of this is an elementary misunderstanding of the situation, and partly because it is man's desire to set yourself for a bright future under the pretext that it's just people are not lucky, that's everything. And cases such units. Simply, people often do not tell what happened to them. Some of them are afraid of what will laugh at him, and someone is very upset that he was in such a situation, and hopes to recoup on the other.

In Anyway you should not expect that it will pass you a party, or rather we must prepare for the worst and then hope for the best. Let's start. Most primitive, but at the same time the most successful kind of deception is an attempt to impersonate the network operator or his representative. Everything is done by sending a text message or call from the number of the operator or a number that looks like him (although sometimes people are so gullible that it is not required). The problem is that many people do not realize that there is nothing complicated about to send a message or call, using someone else's number, and this despite the fact that many sites offer this service totally free.