The Quiet World Of The Cuban Cinema

The quiet world of the Cuban cinema, that not trasluce metaphorical images appointed the analyzers of the cinema or to determined select group of cinema men, but to the great social layers, is immersed as always in a search of new forms of revaluation of the cinematographic language towards aspects of the routine character, but with another way to express the same concepts which they surround the Cuban modern society, and other excellent aspects of the previous societies. In our cinematographic task, in which great personalities of the Cuban cinema, impelled this artistic manifestation, considered like a greater art (the seventh art), can be observed the use of problematic reiterative like: the tie masculinity to the incorporation of the woman to the work, the taking of brings back to consciousness of social layers with respect to the phenomenon that the construction of the socialism in Cuba proposes, the situation of the Cuban family with the rupture of the revolutionary process and its exodus to the United States of America, the history of the country seen through historical situations, personages, events, battles, and moments, as well as situations of the cotidianidad in which they are: the exchanges, the old love of adolescent, young people and, etc. That reiterative use of analogous subjects could think that they do not manage to hit the spectator, and the films not to be a success from ticket offices. It is for this reason, that in each new cinematographic accomplishment, there is a persistence on the part of the scriptwriters, and of its directors, in being able to get to surprise spectators under a same subject, but with another form to narrate similar histories. We did not think that the influence of the arguments in the style of Hollywood, counting we with a school the International of Latin American Cinema, are obtained hollywodenses melodramatic arguments, nor that they are not so distant either to that type of cinema, when in our cultures a penetration by that type of cinema has existed, and or the form to show the hero, under the vision of the socialist realism, with abiertos end, for the reflection has been a little in the forgetfulness.