Finnish Amorphis

Author of poetry and music Nightwish Tuomas argues that gets inspiration from the music of very different styles: heavy metal, classical, folk and film soundtracks. In many compositions of present folk elements. On their music in particular the albums Oceanborn and Wishmaster influenced the work of such power metal bands like Stratovarius. In album Century Child and Once musicians attempted to combine the sounds of classical music and metal, writing them with a symphony orchestra. Such experiments are typical of many known bands including Deep Purple, Rage, Metallica, as well as a Swedish symphonic metal band Therion, which has had an impact on Nightwish.

Examples of the influence of music from the movies are compositions Beauty of the Beast from the album Century Child and Ghost Love Score from Once. San Antonio Spurs follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Nightwish song lyrics to books and movies have influenced fantasy. And at the same time Nightwish had an impact on other groups. Thus, Epica vocalist Simone Simons said that she began to sing, hearing the album Oceanborn. Sender Gommans of After Forever said that Nightwish would affect they create new songs. The former vocalist of Visions of Atlantis said that Nightwish have inspired them on the first album. There is no single definition of musical style Nightwish does not exist.

Presumably, he is on the border symphonic metal, power metal and gothic metal. A distinctive feature of the early work of Nightwish is a combination of strong operatic voice Tarja, rather typical for classical opera, and hard guitar riffs, aggressive atmosphere that is characteristic for heavy metal. It is also used in the compositions of folk elements that are characteristic for groups such as the Finnish Amorphis. Add to your understanding with Jorge Perez. This is complemented by pompous keyboards loss. Through a combination of different styles, there are many opinions on which of them could be creative group. So authoritative portal The Metal Crypt defines it as a power metal or as a derivative style of "symphonic power metal", created by the Italian group Rhapsody of Fire. While the other – EOL Audio – refers them to the genre of "metal opera", given the unusual manner of execution of the first vocalist. With the arrival of new singer style Groups has changed. The current lead singer Annette does not have the operatic vocals.

Mike Mitchell

Both children and adults to review it with delight, and a joke out of it immediately went to the quote. Gently filed morality (which is rare for a family film), a completely new interpretation familiar from childhood fairy tale characters, dynamic plot and unexpected plot twists really raised the bar for future extensions are very high. Well, then, that no extensions cartoon caught in five highest-grossing in the world, there will be no, it was clear right away. However, it appeared only three years later, and surprisingly, it was not worse, but in something and better than the original – is confident that all fans of the Cat-in-boots with me agree. Logical extension, new characters and funny kinoallyuzii invented by a team of developers of the first "Shrek", pleased the audience and literally forced to break in the third film. Who made a different director. Maybe that's why he was not to be so exciting, easy and mischievous, like predecessors? But it's not about him but about the fourth part. After the well is not that failure, but less successful third part, we had to somehow rehabilitate.

And here he is, "Schrek forever", filmed by another director, Mike Mitchell. On the plot to avoid spoilers, you can say only that and so we know from the numerous billboards and commercials. Shrek, experiencing midlife crisis (or one of the crises of married life, psychologists, correct!), makes a deal with some Rumpelshtiltshenom. Trick ogre does not expect at all: in fact he is offered only for a day return to their glorious Days offer a pure heart, because Shrek saved this funny little man, pulled out from under the cart tips over.

Ivan Aivazovsky

Aivazovsky decided to use the popular belief that in the general rhythm of the waves rolled one stands out with its power and size among others. The ancient Greeks considered the most disastrous third wave, the Romans – tenth. In representations of other navigators most devastating was the ninth shaft. Confronting people and the elements – this theme of the painting. Heroes of the ninth shaft are a single cohesive group still believe in yourself people.

They never for a moment not doubt in his desperate courage, but they have stood the test with flying colors, always supporting each other. Remarkable gesture of one of the heroes, who himself barely holding on to the mast, the last effort of his support exhausted companion, not letting him slip into the abyss. And the whole group stays together, so in case anything happens to cheer each other in an emergency. All this confirms that there is a sense of struggle, the will of man to salvation in his belief that, showing heroism, his own efforts can be saved when all the laws they were destined to die. But the mad elements in the treatment of Aivazovsky's not only appalling – it is also admirable. Glowing lightning flashes of light on water shimmers like a rainbow, shine spray, huge waves rolled heavily through the lost people, menacing rock promise death.

The apparent bust of feelings, in fact, corresponded to a tragic situation. Such realism manifested itself in the film The Ninth Wave, and others, no one in his time in the depiction of marine elements could not reach. The film has incorporated much of what he had seen and experienced by artist. Especially memorable was it a storm, he experienced in the Bay of Biscay in 1844. The storm was so destroyer, the ship found drowned, and in Europe and St. Petersburg newspapers reported the death of a young Russian painter, whose name was already well known. Over the years, Aivazovsky, recalled: "Fear not suppressed in me the ability to accept and store the impression made on me by a storm, as wonderfully alive picture ". His picture of the artist exhibited in Moscow, and from the very beginning was a masterpiece. About her were legends, and 'The Ninth Wave' came to long hours to watch once, as once on the 'Last Days of Pompeii'. In the history of Russian painting this cloth shines like a light beam can be another reason that I. Aivazovsky made his 'live' love for nature at a time when very few Russian artists interested in what we call the 'soul' of nature. Landscape painters to Ivan Aivazovsky wrote chiefly 'beautiful scenery' to impress the viewer wonder and splendor of the famous scenic areas. The sincere love of nature was no question, the living beauty of her did not notice landscapes often wrote without inspiration. Benoit, Alexander said later: '… only one Aivazovsky, walking on the heels of Turner and Martin, was ignited at the time of their enthusiasm inspired by the splendor of the cosmos, is for them alive, organic, and even intelligent being. "


Black metal is characterized by extremely high-speed drum parts (70-500 beats / min – blast-bit) and guitar riffs. The sound of guitars is high and sharp. A typical reception games – tremolo. Vocals are usually high (screaming), there Low insertion "snarling" vocal – growling. Such sounds are often defined as the raw black metal (from raw – raw") and is considered the reference.

Bass guitar and keyboards (rarely) play a minor role in the classic black, whereas in symphonic black keyboard paid much attention. Plays an important role as a scenic image of performers. Most of them take the stage in special clothes, stylized uniforms, clothing, barbarian, or uniforms of the Third Reich, or a ritual robe. Also, the vast majority of artists use a specific make-up (korpspeynt), whose aim – to make the performer look like a corpse. Black metal is different ideologized boundary. A very popular topic in the black is the "dark side": Satanism, occultism and paganism, nihilism, war, misanthropy, hatred of all. Quite often in black there are elements of Nazism and fascism. Periodically among performers and fans of black metal disputes existed as to who the representatives of a style more committed to "real" black metal. Deviations from Hard black-sounding (experiments with electronics, symphonic arrangements, etc.) are often very negatively perceived in the black environment, which is why some areas of black metal (such as symphonic black) earned in "Orthodox" followers of black metal reputation as a "corrupt" and "treacherous." Also negatively perceived attempts to reach the perpetrators of popularity and commercial success (rotation on television and radio, published in mainstream journals, contracts with major labels). For this reason, many underground artists consciously moving away from anything that could be linked with a group of "commerce": released records only on the cheap media (tapes), minimal circulation (sometimes no more than 2-3 dozen pieces) and the sound is very poor quality, never give concerts. However, in recent years black metal is no longer exclusively "Underground" phenomenon.

The Stage

In such a slam for morons usually climb all tuporylye skinheads freaks, who shaved his tower, see themselves as the true national-patriots, even though sometimes have no idea about the ideas of this movement. Such a slam, I watched a concert in St. Petersburg 'in our'. The crowd here is just such buhih bastards grabbed his center and n% mud all who got to him. Someone who had pushed the other was in the center of the meat, and got out already with a broken nose, this is again a clear proof that if you have a drain only enough to beat his face – not necessarily shave himself Bosko and call themselves skins, but you can just go somewhere in the army. But something again, I digress. Arriving at the club with a desire to participate in a dance-slam, always remember the following things. Should cut down with widely spaced feet.

If you jump, then landed on his feet spaced slightly apart and your elbows (but not very much that others do not run across) – to protect themselves from the jolt in the ribs. Push is not much, so that you do not just knocked down, there is no needs to put more force than necessary and shove as if you fight in all the nonsense. If your side who had fallen – try to pick it up, only to see himself do not fall. In general, if you fall, you'll always immediately raise. If you took a girl, do not drag it into the most meat, rubis closer to the stage.

He fell, clutching at everything you can, the main thing – not to trample. If it is clear that the meat scum hang out, giving izpodtishka Tale in the face or in dyhlo, it is better go away from this place, or better yet report them the protection of the club. If you feel that during the song you run out of steam, and with it the more you try to sing better get away to the wall, because if you stretch out yet – will be a very hard time: choke will begin very quickly, and breathe in the clubs especially nothing as all prosecutors. Still advise to dress so as not to come out naked. Wear shoes that are hard to remove, and then there were moments when I climbed into the very flesh and jumped that is urine. After landing, I realized that was left with no shoes – then they crawled look =). That's it. Enjoy your time!

Group Movie Company

Recently read some interview with Viktor Tsoi. To be honest was a bit surprised by some things. The group, which collected the stadium packed, not even had its own concert machine and space for rehearsals. A Choi himself, who almost an icon of rock music in those years, which prevented the passage of the street and quite often on TV, absolutely not earned his creativity. He worked as a stoker in the boiler room standard at the address. Blokhin, 15. Not that I did not know about it. Of course I knew.

But it is quite different. Reading the answers Tsoi can really understand how he still belonged to his creativity and his life. It becomes obvious how he was far from thirst profit and star of the disease. – The album ‘Night’ – the only one released by ‘Melody’ and, yes, even without your knowledge. Have you ever aware of plans for this company? – It’s not in the know. I do not know, and frankly, I do not want to know. – But the author at As you pay? – No. Well? What do you say, the current popular artists? You are all moaning that “pirates” rob you heaps of dough. What would you say if your album is released the largest record company in the country without paying you for it either penny? Nevertheless, the “Cinema”, virtually nothing is cashing in on sales of their albums, and continues to record the next album. A group rehearses with ‘Movie’?

The Way To Happiness

Book 'The Way to Happiness' in July 2010 was awarded the account in the Guinness Book of Records as the most non-religious book being transferred. The official record states: 'The Book' The Way to Happiness "by L. Ron Hubbard (USA), translated into the largest number of languages for a single book, which as of 2010 can be read in 70 languages, including Hindi, Samoan, and Uzbek languages. " For the author of "the most translated book ', by L. Ron Hubbard, this is the fourth world record confirmed by Guinness World Records. Of course, the most translated book in the world is the Bible, but it is a religious book.

First published in 1981 book "The Way to Happiness' is the first non-religious moral Code based solely on common sense. This is a guide to a happier and successful life, which contains 21 Precepts for daily living. It was written by L. Ron Hubbard to fill the moral vacuum, all the more materialistic society in the emerging, to stop the moral decline and restore honesty and faith in man. The previous Guinness world record, which was awarded the renowned writer and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, were: 'most translated writer', 'The largest number of audio books of one author "and" the most published author in the world.

" Since the first publication of this book have used people of different races and religious beliefs as a living guide for yourself, your family and friends. There are currently spread out over 70 million copies in more than 130 countries. For each of the 21 instruction book movie filmed social advertising, and recently the book was filmed a feature film. Film and video shows on hundreds of television channels in different countries, they can also be viewed on the site 'The Way to Happiness' at. In addition to the world Guinness record book has many awards and recognitions from the official authorities of different countries for the establishment of a reasonable and safe society.

Upholstery Theater Chairs

The company has SmolMebel years experience in the installation of any purpose halls. SmolMebel made a reconstruction of the contemporary rooms, DK Gorbunova, Division of Internal Troops, the General Prosecutor's Office, RCTU im.Mendeleeva and others. Company providing services for the delivery and installation of seats, but the main direction of specialized furniture production – theater chairs, conference chairs, chairs for waiting rooms in Russia. Issue at the moment is more than 80 models of theater chairs for cinemas, chairs for conference rooms, chairs for waiting rooms. In a wide assortment of presents theater chairs, chairs cinemas, conference chairs, chairs for waiting rooms in all price segments, as budget models and premium models.

The basic requirement in the manufacture of theater seating is the stability and durability, which depends on the materials used, structural and upholstery fabrics. Upholstery fabric itself must be dense, resistant to wear and easy to clean. In the manufacture of seats for Cinema and chairs for waiting rooms should be added to the requirements of lightfastness, safety and fire resistance, as non-flammable and durable fabric for long service life of the chair. The main materials used today in the manufacture of seating for cinemas, include jacquard, velvet, leather, suede, maykrovelyur, flock, Shinile. Velour – strong and durable material, the threads which are usually mixed composition.

His appearance, consumer characteristics and the quality is pretty high. Skin – a natural material, durable and strong, but soft and elastic. The use of leather or imitation leather high as upholstery appropriate to the production of the conference chairs, where the possibility of reduced intentional damage. But the chairs for waiting rooms are made primarily on the metal frame. At the same time, metal chairs for conference rooms expectations are available in mobile configuration, and with rigid fixation on the floor.

Theater Tickets

Any of us who thinks himself intelligent, sometimes pays particular attention to the cultural reality of the city. Initially, of course, is a variety of theaters, circuses and other social events. AND while someone comes to visit such institutions from time to time. For those who come to the theater from time to time, the complexity of purchasing tickets for the event is worth far more seriously than one who can attend operas and concerts all time. As a result, those who come to the theater all the time, know all the cash distribution of tickets, while they work and the like. But if you make this kind of output times, the more comfortable place to buy tickets through the network. Thus, you can greatly save your time and do not significantly depend on the whims of fate and employees fund.

Not to mention even that, in order to not only buy tickets in Lenk and tickets the most advantageous positions, often have to work around not a single point of distribution of tickets. When you purchase the same kinds of tickets over the Internet in such will not have any difficulty – on site there is a possibility as see graph seats in the hall, just pick the most attractive and seats. Of course, if they have not previously purchased by others. Studying the plans hike in any theater, it is possible, of course, refer to the resource or that theater, especially if you want to see any particular performance. However, if you have plans to visit schools theater or concert hall, for example, on a separate day, the online ticket office is much more convenient. Each person can choose for themselves the most attractive event, which can fall on that day. And pick up tickets to concerts without any complications.

Theatrical and musical reality in every community point, no doubt, quite diverse. And to see and hear all too much for anyone. Must at least find some for yourself valuable parts of cultural life in metropolis – and enjoy the works of real art. Moreover, the online box office may pick up at the same time, and tickets to football and other events, which can be a tempting range of significant figures. And each of us can actually pick up for a game to their liking. It is believed that one of the most significant challenges of the present becomes a citizen too little direct interaction and positive experiences. Visiting the theaters, concert halls, all kinds of mass demonstrations, each of us has the ability to not only an enormous amount of spiritual pleasure, but also to meet with other people, with family and friends. After going to the opera or concert in the state be a wonderful opportunity to be together and discuss a new production or presentation. Walk to the theatrical establishment, and be closer to each other!

Francis Bacon

True, this is as accurate and in the words of the famous contemporary of Shakespeare, Francis Bacon: No one yet has been so steadfast and strong in spirit, to instruct themselves and make the perfect rejection of traditional theories and concepts and then apply to particulars and purified impartial mind. And because our human mind is like a mess and chaos and credulity of accidents, as well as children's views, which we originally learned. " But that famous philosopher, seems to end and did not understand the relationship of private to the general, and because of his words are not visible, starting from what you have to go to these same particulars. A William Shakespeare knew this, and therefore, keeping in mind above all that of the Bacon wrote: "His reasoning woven weft skilful than the foundation of his argument. " That is, William Shakespeare, not knowing the word "mochalogolovost" knew that it is expressed not only in the fact that people act, speak or write before they think, but still and all, is that people think about what anything but on the basis of, first, the source of his thoughts.

And because not once in his works, he wrote: "Good does not come, if started badly." By the way, probably the same word was not enough, and Confucius, states: "The Perfect husband is concentrating its forces on the base. Kohl, he reaches base, before it opens the right way. " And, maybe, if instead of the word "perfect" Confucius wrote the word "nemochalogolovy", he would have someone so understood, although would in our time.