To connect the PC with a router, there are several possibilities. This can be done via a network cable which is connected to the router. This has the disadvantage that your PC and router are not usually in a room. Then an appropriate length of cable to be laid. The transfer is selfsame not as simple as the doors when closing can damage the cable when thresholds make the installation under the door impossible. The easy option is of course the construction of a wireless network. This can be both Bluetooth and WiFi to connect to the router. The development is now so advanced that there is no speed penalty anymore, so the connections are as fast as the wireless connections. As with many other technologies, too, there are many wireless routers different equipment categories.

The simplest models have no integrated DSL – modem. Modern and better already have a router. On these devices can be more hardware, such as as printers or hard drives connected. The advantage of this is that from all users on the network can be operated and used. It is also possible to add more PCs through additional network cable to connect to this router. When you buy a router should also have a further criterion to be considered. Safety. Many devices are equipped with an integrated firewall. This protects the PC against attacks from the World Wide Web. Through an additional external use encryption can be kept away from their own system. The router is indeed another, appear in the nearby router and PC, but no one can access the router and use it as an external Internet connection to surf the web for free.