Corks Or Screw Caps For Wine Bottles ?

What is the the best cap for wine bottles? The question of the closure is suitable especially for wine bottles appear much as faith. There was the period in which screw caps were reserved for wine. At that time applied the principle that a good bottle of wine may be sold to any other than a cork. Also, on the principle that wine needs to breathe. For many wine drinkers the wine should breathe naturally. The classic screw cap has a seal of plastic. It is not entirely exclude that this plastic add some flavor to the wine.

However, this also applies to the cork, and the risk that the wine tastes to cork, there is. Who is inexperienced in dealing with the corkscrew compounds the risk when you open the wine bottle. This risk is not a screw cap. In addition, the cork closure requires an additional device when the rotation lock can be open at all times with his bare hand. In addition, a wine bottle Screw cap, which was only partially cleared, easily and leak be refastened.

At least one cork leakage protection is not provided. For the entry to the picnic or for the train journey is recommended therefore almost the screw top. There are several other types of closures. First, the art cork. This has all the disadvantages of a cork with regard to the difficulty opening or re-closing of the wine bottle. Its advantage is that he passes no cork taint to the wine. However, wine is only limited lager. On the other hand there is the Stelvin screw cap. Compared with the conventional screw cap is sealing its not plastic but made of metal. Thus the danger of influencing taste of the wine is banned. Alcoa, the company has invented a glass closure called Vino, which is, as of glass, of course, totally tasteless. Likewise, it is easy to open and just as easily re-seal-able. Some wineries are experimenting with the bottle caps. This is but one part emotionally to the beer and allows no safe re-closing. Conclusion: If the notion that good wine needs a natural cork stoppers, not proves to be indestructible, the future will be the first choice for most wines Stelvin screw caps and for very valuable wine glass closures.