Chemical Composition

The residues are presented in the states solid, gaseous and liquid. 2.2. CLASSIFICATION OF THE RESIDUES: In accordance with the Brazil Environment (online, 2011), the residues are classified: 2.2.1 PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Dry: treated papers, plastics, metals, leathers, fabrics, glasses, wood, napkins and towels of paper, cigarette tips, isopor, light bulbs, paraffin, ceramics, porcelain, foam, cork oaks. Wet: remaining portions of food, rinds and bagasses of fruits and vegetables, eggs, ruined vegetables, foods, etc. 2.2.2 Chemical Composition: Organic: composed for dust of coffee and tea, food remaining portions, rinds and bagasses of fruits and ruined vegetables, eggs, vegetables, foods, bones, shavings and prunings of garden.

Inorgnico: composed for manufactured products as plastic, glasses, rubber, fabrics, metals (aluminum, iron, etc.), isopor, light bulbs, candles, paraffins, ceramics, porcelains, foam, cork oaks, etc. 2.2.3 ORIGIN OF the GARBAGE: To domiciliate: originated of the daily life of the residences, constituted of remaining portions of foods (such as rinds of fruits, vegetables, etc.), spoiled products, periodicals, magazines, bottles, packings in general, hygienical paper, dismissable diapers and a great diversity of other item. It can contain some toxic residues. Advertising: originated of the diverse commercial establishments and services, such as supermarkets, banking establishments, store, bars, restaurants, etc. public Services: originated of the services of urban cleanness, including all the residues of varrio of the public ways, beach cleanness, galleries, streams, remaining portions of prunings of plants, cleanness of free fairs, diverse vegetable remaining portions, packings, Hospital etc.: discarded for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics veterinarians (cotton, syringes, needles, remaining portions of remedies, gloves, dressings, coagulado blood, agencies and removed, half fabrics of culture and animals used in tests, synthetic resin, photographic films of rays X). In function of its characteristics, she deserves a special care in its preservation, manipulation and final disposal. She must be incinerado and the residues taken for I fill with earth bathroom adequate. Road and railroad ports, airports, terminals: septic residues, that is, that they contain or potentially they can contain pathogenic embryos.