Fashion Summer Shoes 2011

That's the long-awaited summer! Sea, sun, beach and just a good mood for the whole three months have settled among us. Summer time – it's an unforgettable vacation with loved ones, going to barbecues, trips to the sea and to the country. And for each of the activity pick up girls carefully enough clothes and shoes. After each day the ladies want to look charming, while feeling comfortable. About what kind of shoes to choose the summer of 2011, we are happy to tell you in our article. Sandals – the most popular and essential summer footwear.

That's about it, we'll talk today. Read more from San Antonio Spurs to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Summer 2011 fashion will, and low-heeled sandals, and high. For all occasions the ladies are invited to choose sandals with high heels. After all, they immediately look girl slimmer and sleeker. In a fashion heel will be of any shape, here everyone chooses for his taste. Low-heeled sandals – great for long walks, hiking on the beach and into the woods. Continue to learn more with: real-estate developer. Hit the summer of 2011 – it's sandals, boots and shoes. Such models can have very high heels, and can conversely, be a flat-soled shoes.

Sandals can be adorned with decorative details such as belts, ties and tape. Trendy decor element this year – the flowers and bows. In the summer of 2011 all the designers in one voice declare that the need to wear shoes in bright colors. Especially popular are multi-colored model, when the heel of one color, the other foot, and the straps of the third. Sandals and metallic shades of gold, still remain popular. This season, they can be decorated with sequins, stones and chains. One of the most fashionable colors the summer of 2011 will be purple and orange. Strips and all sorts of prints on the shoes will look very stylish and relevant. For those who do not like bright shoes, designers are advised to obtain a model of gray shades. Shoes Gray will perfectly matched with any outfit. Expand your wardrobe fashionable and comfortable sandals and spend this summer in a great mood!

Taurus Opens Its Doors In Bilbao

A surprising exhibition of art available to be visited this summer at the Museum of fine arts of Bilbao, BBK, titled Taurus. From myth to the ritual that investigates the iconography of the Bull. The collection includes more than 200 pieces and shows the works of great artists such as Picasso, Manet, Goya, Barcelo and Miro. Paintings and drawings, but also sculptures and ceramic single are not exposed. Visitors who are staying in a hotel in Bilbao can see Taurus. From myth to the ritual up to September 5, with pieces in the exhibition coming from the bronze era to present day. The purpose of this exhibition is to see how the image of the Bull is a constant in the Mediterranean culture both in the myths, games, festivals and ceremonies. From the 16th century art also reflected the interest by the demonstrations of bullfighting, and since then some of the greatest creators of the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries have tried modern bullfighting games, which echoes the ancient cult of the vital force and one direct look at death, explains the official website of the Museum.

Another shows that art lovers may visit while they are in the Museum of fine arts is the abduction of Deidamia, work by Peter Paul Rubens, which is a loan from the Museo del Prado in Madrid. The price of the tickets is from 6 and opening hours is from 10 to 20 hours from Tuesday to Sunday.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Renault of Mexico breaks this month in the coveted segment of compact SUVs to compete as equals with the Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Captiva, Jeep Compass and the new VW Tiguan, among others, through its new model Koleos. The first crossover brand of diamond. The new Renault Koleos will be available in two versions: Expression and Dynamique, rear-wheel drive or 4 wheel, whose prices will range from $ 259,000 up to 323.000 pesos. To know the strengths and weaknesses that holds this model, Renault of Mexico invited us to a test drive in Monterrey, where we were very pleasantly surprised, not only for its ease of use and dynamic behavior in city and highway, or the great comfort and equipment offered by its versatile interior, but for its off road capabilities brillantesa making it the team to beat. It is worth noting that the new Renault Koleos is not, nor is it intended to be, a Sport Utility pure as the Land Rover LR3, Jeep Grand Cherokee or Hummer H2, designed to operate without problems for more graduates roads. By contrast, the Renault Koleos is a Light SUV driven on city and highway, which offers great maneuverability, dynamism and ride comfort, but at the same time offers a good qualities to move through dirt, mud and some rough roads. Compact, stylish and powerful The Koleos is built at the factory in Busan, South Korea. It is the result of joint work (over 28 months) of Renault, Nissan and Samsung.