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Soccer World Cologne

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Jan 11 2017

Final of the pre season of the ESL Sports Online Football Championship to 25,000 euro – programme for Online Football Championship with Tooorwart and Robokeeper FIFA09 tournament with prizes Cologne, January 6, 2009 at the final of the pre-season of the ESL Sports Online Football Championship on January 10th entering the soccer world Cologne the 18 best players in FIFA against each other to win a total of 25,000 Euro prize money. ESL sports also hosts a small pitch football tournament within the framework of the competition. Game five against five teams to a total of 1,000 euros prize money play. In addition to the electronic sports and the small field tournament ESL sports offers a variety of entertainment options in the soccer world Cologne. Spurs addresses the importance of the matter here. Viewers in FIFA09 tournament to attractive prizes play in the free gaming area. Also, a true racing car formula 1 fans can turn virtual rounds. Who wants to prove his skills on the round leather can try the goalkeeper (Tooorwart) or the Robokeeper. It is supported Final of the pre-season of the online football championship of the sponsors Intel and adidas.

More information about the event and to the framework programme are available at: ball machine Sidekick invitation ESL sports like invites you to this special eSport event. Join us on site and experience the fascination of this trend sport! Memories just like video footage from the event are provided. You accredited as a press representative please by E-Mail) or by phone on 0221/880449-242. venue on January 10, 2009 from 3: 00: soccerworld Cologne Ottostrasse 7 50859 Cologne (Lange) 410A0 ESL sports ESL sports is a League for computer games, which can be found in the classic sports. The operator is turtle entertainment, European market leader in the field of electronic sports (esports). Since its launch in March 2008, electronic crew, motor and water sport activities belong to the spectrum of ESL sports. On can the computer players participating in friendlies or take advantage of the tournament – and Ligenangebot of various sports games.

The seasons and schedules are parallel to the classic sports instead of thus is ESL sports the link between classical and electronic sports. Several thousand professional, amateur and casual gamers already use the extensive Ligenangebot on. ESL sports distributes over 136,000 euros in prize money this year. For more information about ESL sports to entertainment and turtle and is available at and. All links at a glance: This press release as a PDF: files/PM_ESL_Sports_Pre_Season_Rahmen.

World Cyber Games

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May 08 2015

Very soon, most long-awaited tournament kicks off for all competitive players – World Cyber Games. All schoolchildren and students, but will not rule out the working class, will join the screens of monitors to see who will become world champion at one time or another discipline. To limit your search, I suggest you gaming portal, which will conduct a report from the WCG 2010. On CSArena.Net you can find the results of all matches, as well as the latest pictures and videos from the tournament and download demos favorite teams. Electronic Sports Motion – a multigeymingovaya organization, which includes recaps of the most popular disciplines such as Counter-Strike 1.6, Source, Call of Duty 4, WC: Dota, and FIFA 10. On the Electronic Sports Motion Multigeymingovaya organization Electronic Sports Motion was formed in May 2010 with the support of the portal.

The original purpose of the organization – to develop and support young teams in the disciplines Counter-Strike: 1.6, Source; Call of Duty 4, WC3: Dota. The activities of the project Promotion of e-sports in Russia. Portal regularly conducts tournaments on popular subjects, it helps to develop young and experienced team, trained online with fairly experienced teams that have already achieved what is in their field. More information about the tournament in the FAQ. Project goal: To develop counter-strike direction in Russia and CIS holds regular tournaments portal (based on eSmotion.Ru) for CS 1.6 different types: 5×5, 2×2, steam, steam / non-steam, it helps to develop young and experienced team, trained online with fairly experienced teams that have already Why then have a counter-strike. Same portal monitors what is happening on the world stage CS: CSARENA.NET always publish the latest news, ip address matches top teams in the world, etc. 1.8.09 The project is based. Offitsalnoe opening 09/09/09 Developing the concept of resource: Sergei Shichkina Jeff – the ideology of the project Revision CSARENA.NET CSARENA.NET: Sergei Jeff Shichkina Jaroslav XeoN Strekalovsky Alexander Sanek Tashlykov organization of tournaments: Sergei Shichkina Jeff – the main organizer and judge Alex RhT Maryshev – Judge Vlad Wnek Borzov – assistant judge Ruslan Pchela Trutnev – Judge team muvmeykerov: Artem tw1m Ivantsov

Dali Museum

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Aug 30 2013

They were all weekend in Barcelona. The uncle took them to know the surroundings. Cadaquez they were to visit the Dali Museum. They were amazed with the sacred family, Gaudi. They could not understand, how, a work of this magnitude, and that beauty was not who funded its finish. Both came amazed with all the works of Gaudi in general.

Which he had hit them two more, had been the Pedrera. She was so extraordinarily rare, thought, that its beauty exceeded all that rarity. They returned to Madrid with the certainty of not being so alone in that country. They had found a family. When Alex had already begun their studies are encouraged to call their parents for the first time.

I felt so safe in this country! He moved so freely in it, who didn’t think that there could be some danger. When Kelly handled the phone and recognized the voice of Alex, she was shocked. Did not expect that call but God knows how much needed it!. Listen to the voice of his son on the other side of the phone was like receiving a direct gift from God’s hands. Do not Pro-Nuncio name with voice trembling and gasping with emotion when told how are you?-. She didn’t know well that ask. She didn’t know if he could speak freely. You never knew if their phones had been tapped. Does Alex, on the other hand, without any fear asked him how are you MOM?-Kelly was still not want to pronounce his name. From where call me?- It was the only thing that dared to say. -From Madrid, MOM. Please do not be more afraid. Speak to me calmly. 3 Years have passed. I do not think that the phones are tapped yet, if that they were ever– I cannot speak, not expecting me llamaras and I feel paralyzed– I understand you MOM.

On-Air Space Game

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Nov 12 2010

There is a new online puzzle game that requires logical thinking and implementing some mechanical skills. Imagine yourself traveling through space and trying to manage a sophisticated setup of lines! Does it seem wonderful and the exorbitant time, right? Then stroll through the craters find a mechanism with the antenna up. Your task is to eliminate unnecessary lines of this mechanism without the antenna falls below the threshold white. Construction can vary the contours becoming rare but finally falls for not having a major element that you accidentally deleted it … everything will fall breaking into pieces, and you have to start level again.

How many lines must be removed by completing the levels? In general it is sufficient to remove two lines but it is better not rush, because it is more likely to make a mistake. It is recommended to remove only the top line, and then wait a little until the mechanism stops rotating and balance. You have to pay attention to the purple circles above the screen with the hourglass signals your score – if it turns green, it means that you can click and move on. If you remove too many lines or some lines such as erroneous, the tilt mechanism is tumbling down. In that case, the robot that lets you know about your failure. Conclusion levels of this puzzle game * free, “you can develop your own strategy of action with the lines, but there is a good advice to start with the sidelines at the beginning and avoid touching power lines because the latter are a basis for all the mechanism. Space On-Air offers a fun way to enjoy logic puzzles and mechanical absolutely free. Explore the challenges of the unknown planet solving the tasks in this new puzzle game!