Enjoy Spain

Another rite or ceremonial missing, was the rest of the paella, is away from heat and left on moist soil moisture formed with artesian well, never left on pavement or rock, this tradition based on deep and sometimes mysterious practiced convictions faithfully for all those cooks of yesteryear, to the point, that the editorial was published Destination Castilian version of the book of Joseph Pla (1879-1981 Gerona). "hem menjat who" could be read, – "(…) In the rustic village yards is no land for the rest of the paella, while we only have a modern kitchen tile, marble, railite and "foguer" gas "city." My counselor gastronomic My Aunt Mary, with her smooth voice and his gentle way of speaking, I would say .- "La Paella, with our recipe, it must behave as a food for the senses, which melts slowly to prolong the joy-in the language and permeates the palate. The mere action of mouth carried the paella is for those who like to savor the tasty-almost-mystical experience. The paella has been and is, for the most demanding food more divine than human, tempted, delight, comfort, and ancestral recipe is part of the finest accredited canons of the Valencian diet or Mediterranean, no one can achieve eminence of good gourmet, if you have not experienced the pleasure of the pan with a wooden spoon. " (Translated from Valencia) The profane, or lacking a sensitive palate, say "paella" to all the rice seasoned with the container. To enjoy a good paella is not to cram the socket ingredients or less strange, quirky, colorful or quirky.