Spectacles Voice Analysis

It may sound like a gag from a television parody of secret agents as the Super-agene 86 or an Austin Powers movie, but it’s time for “Spectacles Voice Analysis.” And it’s not a laughing matter. The device provides an analysis of lie detection in real time inside glasses on whoever is speaking at the moment, says its manufacturer, the Israeli company Nemesysco, which developed technology for counter-terrorism and government customers. Theoretically then, may not be long before hearing the airport security personnel ask, “Are you planning to hijack this plane?”. And can tell immediately whether a passenger is a terrorist by analyzing his answer to that question directly.

The technology, developed by mathematician Amir Lieberman Nemesysco in Israel, for the army, claims to insurers and law enforcement, is being repackaged and re-focused to personal and corporate applications by V Entertainment (New York). Companies that use a wide range of applications such as counter-terrorism, law enforcement, insurance and verification of workers’ compensation are beginning to use variations of the software technology for glasses that is already available in a down-loadable PC program that can analyze conversations live or via telephone. “We’re actually developing two types of glasses – one for use in security and other commercial use,” Lieberman told ISRAEL21c. “A chip inside the glasses is able to read the frequency of the voice of the person you are speaking. The voice is analyzed through this chip with nine different types of voice analysis and there are lights that indicate if the person is lying.

Oracle Speak

There are sublime moments in the lives of all people, which is looking for a contact with something that is beyond, slightly above or higher someone to talk to us and guide us about which path to take. At present, we perceive as the superior voice speaks directly to our soul. Now, all users can enjoy this experience Gratistarot.com free of charge, upon the oracle speaks to you. The oracle is a notion existed since the beginning of human history. Different civilizations have had their different ways to connect with the oracle: the Nordic peoples and the Celts through the runes, the Greeks and Romans through their mediums, and the Egyptians through the tarot. Today, free, upon the oracle will speak through the Egyptian tarot cards.

Who do tarot rolls must satisfy two conditions. On the one hand must have a birth gift, an innate ability to connect to that parallel world that constitutes the world of divinity. Not everyone is able to achieve such a feat. This natural ability it must grow, as one who has a knack for music. Obviously, this is not enough.

It is essential to nurture this capacity to study and preparation. This preparation takes years of study, practice, readings and personal self, achieved on the basis of readings at the same tarotista him more experienced tarot readers must make as part of the learning process. From now on, Gratistarot.com experts give you for free, a the oracle and advice. The launch of this new site is excellent news for all lovers of fortune-telling and divination, because here you will find a wealth of resources, notes and interest free, through the oracle a reading tarot cards. The circulation of tarot cards is itself an excellent opportunity to achieve greater personal growth, and in many cases may be just the help we need to achieve or get out of difficult situations that cause us stress. It is necessary that the person go to Chuck with the mind ready to hear the truth you free, upon the oracle will provide. It is true that many times we would hear something else, but it is essential not to deny reality, reality that, free, upon the oracle shows. What has to be will be, because that is the destination. Nothing is written in stone. The actions taken by men is not fixed, but as the skilled person who knows to perfection a winding country road, the Tarot can give us key information to circumvent these stones before us on the road.

Dragon And Mysticism

In the Asian religions, the animals are very important in contrast to the monotheistic religions. Thus, animals and mythical creatures such as deities in animal form, or as messengers considered. Conversely, in our latitudes, animal names are often used as swear words, the dragon also has a really good reputation in the historical mythology, often irascible as he was, bringing misfortune described and destructive. The church described it as an interpretation of evil. Meanwhile, its symbolism has changed, now he is regarded as the epitome of courage, strength and protection, that is completely benign, which is why he also likes to wear an amulet in the form itself.

In Asia, however, the dragon has always enjoyed great prestige, it stands for fertility, power and potency, the male principle Yang. He is also known for his blessing to the house and brings good luck. Externally, combine the anatomical dragon strengths of all possible animals, such as the scales of snakes and fish Wings and claws of birds, teeth and claws of tigers and much more. Following the Asian mythology, dragons are the most powerful animals, they control the sea, rivers and winds, and even the four directions of heaven according to the Chinese view. In China the dragon was also closely connected with the emperor, he adorned the arms and embodied as semi-divine nature protection and blessing. Even in Buddhism, the dragon is recognized as a heavenly being, it is found as a Naga in the Indian Pantheon, which is either depicted as a dragon or serpent, and also linked closely with the water. The boundaries between snakes and dragons are fluid, although the dragon usually has a positive image, the snake against a negative, it is the symbol of jealousy and envy. Even today, this image of the evil snake is firmly rooted in us, – sneaky snake – since the emergence of the Old Testament still relevant as an insult. Positive bias against the majority of the dragon and they were known as the culprit, as it rains for, Storms and severe weather ensured that did not detract from its positive reputation, however.