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River Piranhas

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Jan 27 2017

Its hydrography if shows sufficiently diversified for its geomorfolgicas characteristics in littoral rivers and sertanejos rivers. For even more analysis, hear from Adam Sandler. In the coast these rivers have the characteristics in the littoral lowered one as in beaches, restingas and the estuaries. in Coastal Plateaus (Trays), has fluvial characteristics in the falsias and valleys (fertile valleys). In the sertanejos rivers it initiates from the Depression Sub-littoral until the region sertaneja, shaped in crystalline rocks. if presents geomorfologicamente of form sedimentary as the Sub-littoral Depressions of the river Curimata and the river Paraba, with respective bulks of the Borborema as eastern scarps, smoothed surfaces, mountain ranges and inselbergs. In this way, the hidrologia of the Paraba has characteristics of rivers that depend very on the relief and the climate. Therefore the perennial and temporary of plain exist or encachoeirados rivers.

In this perspective, the State of the Paraba is divided in eleven hidrogrficas basins: River Paraba; River Abia; River Gramame; River Miriri; River Mamanguape; River Camaratuba; River Guaju; River Piranhas; River Curimata; River Jacu; River Trairi. The five last ones are basins of federal domain. For effect of this study, the basin of the River Piranhas still was divided in four sub-basins (River of the Fish, River Pianc, River Espinharas and Rio Serid) and two hidrogrficas regions (High Piranhas and Mdio Piranhas). Similarly, the basin of the River Paraba it was divided in a sub-basin (River Tapero) and three regions (High Paraba, Medium Paraba and Baixo Paraba). In such way, that the Mesorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland is constituted by five hidrogrficas basins: The Basin of the River Paraba; Basin of the River Mamanguape; Basin of the River Jacu; Basin of the River Curimata and the Basin of the River Trair. Possessing on average more than twenty and eight dams, that represent a significant potential of water storage in the hidrogrfica basin in the Misorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland.

Physicist Marcelo Glaiser

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Jan 06 2013

' We organize the world in our return our brain is product of the environment where it functions. It will be that we can construct a pure vision of the world? Or it will be that we are imprisoned inside of our proper rational mechanisms? When these questions start to disturb escape me for montanhas' '. Marcelo Glaser ' ' Dana of the Universo' ' For the Astronomer and Physicist Marcelo Glaiser, many questions of the nature also of the sprouting of bother it to the universe. In its book (the Dance of the Universe p 359 the 361), it affirms that the laws of the Physics together with a solid observacional program, can be used to reconstruct the aspects most important of the history of the universe. Later the same it affirms that this reconstruction is far from being concluded, if is that one day occurs this construction. We can say that universe bothers many cosmologists it bothered and me when knowing that the subject sprouting of the universe is present in the geographic speech, if is that we can call thus, but what it matters it is that this speech he is boarded in 5 series (6anos) and in the 1ano of average education for many professors of basic education and didactic books of Geography. The reason that took me the search of this subject (sprouting of the universe) was a fact that occurred in the period of training carried through in 4 period of the graduation course. When attending lessons of Geography of 1 year of average education in the Anhangera college, (located in the district of the Lapa, Zone West of So Paulo), the professor was explaining as it was the planet Land in its beginning of formation, then, a pupil asked ' ' how appeared the universe? ' '. The professor to take off the doubt of the pupil, answered saying that a great explosion happened, Big Bang, that formed the planets and the too much bodies of the solar system.