Brazilian Supreme Court

The diploma for the exercise of the journalist profession is not more obligator since day 18 of June of this year, when the STF (Supremo Federal Court) judged not compatible with the Federal Constitution. However, the quarrels that encircle the voting of this Appeal to the Brazilian Supreme Court continue constant in the colloquies between journalists for formation, professionals of the area and students. To consider that a journalist does not need no type of theoretical basement to become an apt professional to deal with the situations of of the work is day-by-day not related with the liberty of speech, as it affirmed the minister Gilmar Mendes. However, the decision of the STF, with eight votes to one, is not of if finding odd, but if it opposes with the current scene politician. With as much dirt rolling in the House of representatives, the Federal Congress, the state and municipal governments and even in the STF, the journalists it comes playing its role, to select the facts of correct form thus to divulge them it the interested parties, who are all society.

But for the eight ministers, the ANJ (National Periodical Association), the Abert (Brazilian Association of Senders of Radio and Television), the politicians and the great media, who had approved the end of the obligatoriness of the diploma, the instructed journalist it will not go to denounce the impostures that carry through. There that they are deceived. During the four years of college, the aspiring the journalist is come across, diverse times, with the code of ethics to exert the profession. In it we can find the following function: the production and the spreading of the information must be pautar for the veracity of the facts and have for purpose the public interest. Soon, a periodical when opting to contracting a not diplomee journalist, beyond paying how much it agrees to it, also will be able to demand with that the same it produces as its interest. That is, as the private interest of the periodical. Thus, the ones that had approved the end of the diploma go to come across themselves with a journalism still more directed to the only interest of the owners of the vehicles of jeitinho Brazilian to skirt a denunciation to be published.