From Mecca To The Mint

I do not dare to use this Muslim " to go of the Mint (house of the currency) to the Meca" (city santa) so that it does not pass like the owners of the Murcian discotheque whom they have had to change his name by the one of the Island. As it is spent them the Islamic fundamentalism does not surprise his to me I put the wind up. To whom it is happened to him to denominate Mecca to a jigging about center! To have done like the others, that call to their pubs Abbey, Basilica, Hermitage, Convent, Cathedral, without nobody is torn the clothes or, which is worse, threatens to them putting a pump. So olvidmonos already of Mecca. It’s believed that Tony Parker sees a great future in this idea. It is more: I propose to eliminate the entrance of our dictionary that, by extension, typifies like Mecca to " place that it attracts for being center where a certain activity has its major or minor cultivo". That banal impiedad involves resemblance definition! From now on, instead of Mecca of the cinema, of the chacinera industry or surf, we speak of the Vatican of prt–porter, the automobile industry or the competitions of ninepin, although it sounds to us more pretentious. One prevails, then, to end the dictionary of the SAR and until with that obscene collection of proverbs that alerts when &quot to us; there are Moors in costa" or one makes fun of of our false value ironizando whereupon " to died, great Moor lanzada". Ours, like all the of the world, it is a dictionary done throughout the linguistic history and that accumulates infamias mainly neighbor son: Moors and Jews, Chinese and gypsy But between that linguistic badness and dedicating itself to put pumps is everything an abyss that the simple words are incapable to transfer. Original author and source of the article.

Infantile Literature

Therefore, I make it mention to look at and not to recognize themselves in the heading, therefore nor always we reflect what we are or we want to be, what we see or want to see, what the others see of us: but it reflects. on this question of identity and belonging or negation of the two, the mirror if makes emptiness, without consequence, image? How to disclose the child, afro-descendant, its image, its identity black? To make it if to look at and if to see reflected not in a mirror empty, but full of images that give what to speak, that they send to the beautiful history, to some narratives, rich, colorful, blacks, you pray, tribal African? ‘ ‘ People, today brought a book of which taste very, and I want to read for vocs! ‘ ‘ thus I started to make the reading of the book pretty Girl of ribbon bow, of Ana Maria Axe, and each page that I advanced in the reading had a pupil that it was convulsed or if moved, that ahead demonstrated its unpleasantness of such choice of the reading. In one determined moment, already almost of the way for the end of the reading, the pupil spoke, there of its chair: ‘ ‘ Oh teacher, I not taste of this book not! ‘ ‘ Soon it, who loved all the readings that I carried through, that I was discovering the reading in that year, it, representative of the afro-descendants, to come with that one I speak But I did not intimidate myself and I did not make what he asked for to me, I continued to read until the end, exactly seeing to make it faces and mouths..

April Houses

During the trips in the hour of the meals if they came alongside in the edges or they went down in some house throughout the river. ' ' The houses are rare in this wild region, and the hospitality is freely given to all the travellers of passagem' ' (YOU BEAT 1944:175 – 176). The population had as characteristic the hospitality, the houses does not possuam crossbars and all well were treated, possibly inherited custom of the aboriginals. The population of the Low Tocantins migrava the stations in accordance with. The residences in general were made on palafitas, being the finished houses badly, ' ' scrumbling itself entranados, covering of leves of ubu, ' ' made with the trunk of the aaizeiro and narrow boards to form the walls and the wooden floor. These residences they were temporary, therefore when the waters of April and May went up tie the soil of the houses, the family if moved for lands in firm land areas. Also he was proper of this population to move for encampments, as what You beat she found and she described: ' ' There we find some families camped in one I besiege delicious Many nets seted between the trunks of the trees were seen and were spread for the soil frets of numerous families Were all mestizos, living simple and well-made use people in Camet and that they had come so far to pass the summer months.

The only reason that had given in them was that it was very hot in the city, in the summer, and them they liked cool fish very. Thus this simple people is not worried in leaving the house and the tasks to come to pass three months of picnic. It is annual custom of this classroom of people, in all the province, to pass some months of the good station in the places wildest of the region.