EDAG IT Services And Partners Celebrate Successful Completion Of JEDMOSPHERE 2011

IT industry leaders exit Roadshow in the German-speaking area of Fulda, 31.05.2011 – EDAG IT services and partner finish your successfully jEDMOSPHERE 2011 in German-speaking countries. Participants at the event made a comprehensive picture of solutions from the House of Google Enterprise or Siemens Enterpriese Communications, CHG-MERIDIAN German computer leasing AG, spider LCM (brainwaregroup), concur (Germany) GmbH and Emnis GmbH. The jEDMOSPHERE held the EDAG IT services together with their partners 2011. In the lectures Enterpriese communications, CHG-MERIDIAN German computer leasing AG were in addition to the EDAG IT Services IT industry leaders such as Google Enterprise, Siemens, spider LCM (brainwaregroup), concur (Germany) GmbH or the Emnis GmbH. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out San Antonio Spurs. Issues such as software from the socket or new enterprise communications solutions and new forms of collaboration were focus of the events. For the German-speaking cities, such as Frankfurt am Main, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Fulda and Zurich and Vienna planned series of events, offered the participants an interesting designed afternoon. Finally, participants outside the lectures in direct contact could occur with the manufacturers and learn as well specifically about their solutions. The range of solutions, which is already offered on the market, is impressive even from point of view of innovators”, Mr Armin Roth, Vice noted President Central Europe at the GlobalLogic.

This proved a central interface of all products jEDWIN technology of EDAG IT services and so Mr Raoul carried out of IT-services of EDAG IT services, wings, head, together with jEDWIN and we create the technologies of our partners complete solutions.” Due to the great interest among the participants, the series of events is being reviewed and once again offering interested parties the opportunity to find out first-hand about the IT Department of the future. EDAG IT services is the EDAG IT services with its headquarters in Fulda in the global IT market for more than 20 years of professional Solution and IT service provider for medium-sized and large enterprises. Only IT company on the market, jEDWIN-portfolio seamlessly combines the areas of IT service, alignment and business. Also offers the EDAG IT services with jEDCOMM the professional unified communication solution based on open source, enabling communication without boundaries. Industry-independent, practical product solutions and services developed from decades of experience in heterogeneous and certified infrastructures of the automotive industry. EDAG-group as of the world’s largest independent development partner the EDAG group develops production concepts and solutions for the sustainable mobility of the future. The development of complete modules, vehicles, derivatives and production systems is one of the performance spectrum such as the model, prototype, special vehicle manufacturing and low-volume production.

Beyond the output of development of, the EDAG group provides the realization of complete production units for the body shell and the vehicle Assembly up to small series of modules and special vehicle series from a single source. Worldwide, the EDAG group at over 40 locations is present. The 1969 founded company offers production and production-optimized solutions with its toothed segments. The EDAG group is focused on the automotive, aerospace, rail industry, as well as providers of “Renewable energy”. In 2010, the Group continued to 657 million and employs more than 6,600 people. contact: Christopher Horvath press spokesman EDAG GmbH & co. KGA Reesbergstrasse 1 36039 Fulda phone: + 49 (0) Omayyads 6000 570 fax: + 49 (0) Omayyads 6000 669 E-mail: Web: