Action Plan

However, should make a little analysis that we focus a little in the situation in which they work and influencing those most innovative aspects of the project. Input the basic pillars of this action focuses on the following points:-diagnosis of the initial situation. -Contextualized individual work plan. -A strong involvement of the school and the family. Perhaps the most novel proposal of these teams is staying in the types of intervention, which in this community have focused on two: 1. from the EAEHD, which in turn is based on three parts: – direct care – coordination – orientation family 2. Mixed, based on:-direct care shared with educational center. -Coordination.

-Family counselling. In Castile – La Mancha, as in other communities, attaches great importance to two fundamental aspects and which are considered basic to a good home intervention: the relationship with the educational centre of the child and the family. From the educational center team (you will receive: a) guidance and advice to organize the response educational:-information on the needs of the sick student. -Proposal and suggestions for activities, schedules, etc. approach to teachers for home care. (b) delivery of working papers. The relationship with the family will be addressed to: – a personal interview, welcome to the program.

-Collection of data. -Determine guidelines for organizing leisure time. The process is completed with a follow-up, both with the family with the Centre through telephone contacts, coordination meetings, information the family and teachers of how it evolves the child, etc. Castilla-Leon: In the Castilian-Leonese community home care is reflected in the objectives set by the order EDU/1492/2004 of 27 September, approves the Action Plan of the Areas of educational inspection and educational programs of the provincial education addresses for the triennium 2004-2007. In particular, its paragraph 6 refers to the Care hospital and home, whose purpose will be to Provide an educational attention tailored to students who may not attend regular class for reasons of illness.