Higher State

All we need to do in this life for what it is given to us – it's just go back to the original relation to anything that is beyond me. As the return to the state (of love and bestowal to the outside), I start to feel them and themselves as a unit, and property (giving and love), which binds us together is called the Creator. It was originally created us, and especially 'dropped' into the opposite property, that you appreciate all the perfection of the state in which it is created and you have directed themselves to him. And to the extent of your ambitions, you will discover it in himself. Michael Laitman yesterday at the urging of a friend went to the revels Tolkienists.

Maybe, you know, was a writer Tolkien – he wrote a trilogy of the Ring. It was removed by a famous movie about hobbits. So, this book was written long ago, and her whole generation of ardent fans. They are so deeply immersed in the story that just do not want to leave it. These people meet once a year in the spring and play a terrific idea. In the spring haze, a beautiful dress made of thin silk, with flowers in their long silky hair float magic a pair of elves.

This is followed by a string of riders – stately warriors of Middle-earth. Stepping heavily in steel armor, with battle-axes at the ready-paces burly Dwarves. Somewhere hidden among the shadows of evil goblins and bloodthirsty orcs.