What Is Floral

'Meet on clothes, was escorted to the mind' – so says a popular proverb. But I think that it can be extended not only to man but also on the interior, for example. Imagine for a moment, you have come to some sort of event. Food Super music is excellent (just to your taste), the company consists of your friends, but it spoils the ragged, dirty apartment. Do you like? Well, I think that is unlikely. So if you want everything to be at the highest level, you need to think of all the smallest things. Flora – is one of the methods to make the harmony of soul and house.

Properly spaced, loved flowers, help you relax and enjoy life fully. But also, the notion of floristry includes chandeliers, vases, carpets and other items manufactured in the form of flowers. This is a great product and admiring them, feeling as though you were transported to the Middle Ages. Flora also plays an important role in organizing the party. How do you call the boat, so it will float, that is how you decorate your house and spend party. But let's say in the selection of scenery is nothing complicated. The main thing is to find a company consultant and the right to choose a harmonious color. But in the selection of vegetation need to be careful, otherwise you can cripple.

Yes, yes, the cripple. After all that is beautiful – it is dangerous. Many plants that are outwardly appear beautiful and harmless, is actually very poisonous. So when you're decorating all the party, to convince a hundred times that you are at home. I remember that was the case when I was on a tour on the island and the tour guide told us how one girl was horrible burns on whether it wanted to 'smell a flower. " Of course, outwardly he was a really beautiful, but who knew that it can not be closer than two meters approach. That's happened But not all so terrible. If, for example, you bring in home with you nothing will happen, although it poisonous (tested experimentally). Yet, especially in the decorations at the party when it comes a lot of people, it is better to convince the security of flowers. But floristry involves not only decorations for a holiday and decorate your home and in everyday life. Wrought iron, bronze chandelier in the form of leaflets, the same stands for candles, a beautiful winter garden will be a wonderful harmony with modern furniture and equipment. Floristics may develop in the adornment of the streets. For example, in Vladivostok will be very hard to find the lanes, or even zakoulochek where there will be a park with beautiful flowers, bushes, trees, and sometimes even fountains. Many people prefer to 'do such myself gardens' under the windows of their apartments. Most often, those who live on the first floor. Also, if you want to have a romantic date, like a fairy tale. Why not ustelit the room, where your sleep love, rose petals (as we have seen repeatedly in the film), to give elegant bouquet of lilies, tulips, dahlias, roses and something else. And I think that this would not be able to resist any girl, even the heart of Author ninjagrrPosted on Tags