Toy Libraries Animation

THE toy library as a resource for the animation hospital La intervention in hospital animation is structured on two fundamental points: intervention in the hospital and the intervention in the domicile of the child sick. The intervention at the hospital, in turn, can be in the rooms of the children, or in common areas. The availability of spaces them we will mark the real possibilities of the hospital. In any case, all children’s hospital, and especially those involved in pedagogy and hospitable animation, programs should have a common area that harbored a multipurpose games area. It is what we call playroom. Speaking of the intervention at the hospital and in common areas, mentioned four differentiated spaces: ludoteca-aula of games, library, video library and fonoteca.

In practice, with some exceptions, it will be very difficult to dispose of four common spaces, differentiated at the hospital. However, these four spaces you can meet on one only: the playroom. The toy libraries are revealed as an equipment with a great potential in the service of any hospital entertainment programme, since it meets the objectives that this is fixed, not only as an alternative leisure activity but also as a space of encounter and interaction of children hospitalized with other colleagues in the same situation and other people in your environment. Thus, we can speak of various functions that a playroom in the processes of child hospitalization can meet: specific functions of a playroom as a resource for hospital animation would then be: – distract the sick of his ailment child – practicing therapy through play and other recreational activities – offer meeting spaces with other hospitalized children and their parents to interact in a different environment. So far, we have clear the need and importance of toy libraries in children’s hospitals are enabled, but do we know what is a playroom? A toy library is a comprehensive education through participatory entertainment stable equipment, which meet the objectives of two disciplines: the pedagogy of leisure and socio-cultural animation.