Establish Goals

As I set goals that become reality? We all know how important that is to have targets or goals. We know that before being able to achieve anything, we must first know what we want. There is an old saying: that everything is created twice. Only when we create something in our mind first, only then is when is manifesta in our physical reality. Goals give us a definite direction with which to focus our energies.

Without goals, our decisions and actions are not focused and we almost always end up nowhere. Only when we stay focused on a specific goal, and develop an effective strategy to run our goal becomes achievement. Then, why is that many people does not reach its goals it? By what many people try to estableecer goals in your life, but this has not worked for them? The answer is because they have not set goals in an efficient manner. For most people, dream and generate resolutions during the 31st of December and new year are your idea of creating goals. This does not work so simply. I know many people who for example, is proposed as a new year’s resolution weight loss (phrases like this year I wear in my old size or low weight are very common.

when tested again the goal? next year!) And 99% of the time this target was not achieved; so that these people do? set another resolution for new year and continues the cycle of failure. To set goals that you can meet and be your focus, you must create very specific goals. Unless you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, will not be able to develop an effective strategy to achieve the goals proposed. Successful people know exactly what they want in life and if you want to be successful, you must do the same. Specific goals give it the focus needed to take correct actions that will achieve achieve these metass. When you know exactly what your goal, you’ll know exactly what action is required to get there. Our friends from Persistence Unlimited tell us that one of the best strategies is kept in motion, which means that we must establish our goals and immediately begin to run them. Once we set the goal, we can only have 2 results: the first is the goal; the second is sit giving us excuses of because not reached (s) target (s). Anthony Robbins, one of the largest personal motivators that exist, who is famous for his appearance in the movie blind love, reminds us that there are 7 steps to establish our goals: – Get Clear (be clear) – Get Certain (be decided) – Get Excited (be excited) – Get Focused (being focused) – Get Committed (be committed) – Get Momentum (generate Momentum) – Get Smart (be smart) have prepared a document that you will serve to establish the goals of 2009; It is an extract that compiles these statements and is part of the 7 steps to develop short and medium-term goals. Try to fill the spaces and comments as you did in the process. You can download the document here. By your success!