Mike Mitchell

Both children and adults to review it with delight, and a joke out of it immediately went to the quote. Gently filed morality (which is rare for a family film), a completely new interpretation familiar from childhood fairy tale characters, dynamic plot and unexpected plot twists really raised the bar for future extensions are very high. Well, then, that no extensions cartoon caught in five highest-grossing in the world, there will be no, it was clear right away. However, it appeared only three years later, and surprisingly, it was not worse, but in something and better than the original – is confident that all fans of the Cat-in-boots with me agree. Logical extension, new characters and funny kinoallyuzii invented by a team of developers of the first "Shrek", pleased the audience and literally forced to break in the third film. Who made a different director. Maybe that's why he was not to be so exciting, easy and mischievous, like predecessors? But it's not about him but about the fourth part. After the well is not that failure, but less successful third part, we had to somehow rehabilitate.

And here he is, "Schrek forever", filmed by another director, Mike Mitchell. On the plot to avoid spoilers, you can say only that and so we know from the numerous billboards and commercials. Shrek, experiencing midlife crisis (or one of the crises of married life, psychologists, correct!), makes a deal with some Rumpelshtiltshenom. Trick ogre does not expect at all: in fact he is offered only for a day return to their glorious Days offer a pure heart, because Shrek saved this funny little man, pulled out from under the cart tips over.