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While the film Clash of the Titans: 2010 Produced in: United Kingdom, the United States. Slogan online movie Clash of the Titans: 'Legends come alive in 3D'. Directed by online fantasy film Clash of the Titans: Laterite Louis. Screenplay: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, Travis Beacham Producer online movie Clash of the Titans: Lynn Harris, Kevin De La Noy, William Fay and other operator Movie: Peter Menzies ml. Composer online movie Clash of the Titans: Ramin Java. Genre of online movie 'Clash of the Titans': fantasy, thriller, fantasy, adventure, drama, mythic.

Budget: $ 125 million. Charges in U.S.: $ 64 million. Assembled in the world + $ 44,200,000 = $ 108,255,000. The first show in the world: April 1, 2010. Russian Premiere: April 8, 2010. Released on DVDAugust 2010god., 'Eng Universal Pictures'. The yield on Blu-Ray nositelyahAvgust 2010, 'Universal Pictures Rus'. Online viewing time 106 min. Clash of the Titans "- a remake of a little-known film of the same name in 1981. For the sake of warming relations to the film in a more mature audience, the director invited to the draft as a counselor at least the special effects of Ray Harrihauzena, be responsible for the pictures in the original film. But he is known, flatly refused.

Sun Aztec

Name of the film "Aztec Sun" or "In July" Directed by Im Juli Who can give to tourists, students, adventurers, lovers, those who go on vacation, those who remain at home during the summer holidays on which no reason, anniversary of the relationship, the beginning of leave, depart on a journey. I love spring. The awakening of nature and the first warmth of the sun are ezotkazno: I seem to gradually come out of hibernation. Improves mood, there is a thirst activities and at the same premonition of something bigger and better. Because the spring for me – it's the offseason and preparing for the summer, and summer – it is really a little life. And life is concentrated, so speak.

All wildest dreams become reality and searchlights, all actions and spontaneous ideas are in themselves, as they say the classics, "veil of noble madness". The most wonderful stories and the most interesting meetings occur in the summer when you can live for months in a mountain cave, the sea, eating fruit from trees growing along the road, or just go to friends at his dacha, and on the road a little distracted and move to another city in a completely another company. It is this spirit that's my summer is the best movie passes Fatih Akin "in July." As often happens, this movie in our hire has several names. In the original, it's called "In July", and that name is associated a pun: the main character named Julia, and July in German is pronounced just like its name.