‘Richest in money looking for and build networks, while others are looking for work “- Robert. In the 21 century, we can observe how the Internet turns into a huge worldwide commercial market, where billions of dollars in transactions take place and investment. No doubt, invest in the Internet the most attractive way of modern investment. Should also be noted that the global economic crisis is much less affected business online companies. We can say quite the contrary – the advertising sector in the crisis could even increase their income, and across traditional advertising has significantly reduced the volume and variety of Internet companies have suffered losses.

Already at a time when the Internet is relatively young, engaged in serious business without a presence on the Internet is practically impossible. There is a serious trend and stock markets has significantly increased the action online companies, while the ordinary shares are not related and World Wide Web did not observe such growth. Specialists claim that one can expect in the future growth of Internet commerce. The World Wide Web today is powerful and versatile tool with which you can significantly improve business efficiency. Internet allows you to quickly and easily search for new business partners and customers, in addition keep existing ones. Ultimately, the Internet allows a much lower cost of doing business. The Internet can provide such innovative technologies as electronic documents, enabling save money for the purchase and shipment of materials and documents.

A company can save money as well, and in advertisements, since all the necessary information is present on the site. This site also allows you to limit simply update the data and do not need to upgrade materials. Today enter the world market without the use of Internet technologies is practically impossible. Thanks to the World Wide Web has become possible to develop their business in every corner of the globe. Companies that have not shown the flexibility and discretion do not apply in their work internet technologies can be pushed more advanced companies, or even come to ruin. Future today owned by the companies that have managed to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions, and apply new technology – Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, Russia can not yet boasts a serious attitude to internet technologies. Only 25% of Runet users interested in online business. ‘In the near future mipe there will be two types of companies – those that Dellano business on the Internet, and those that came out of business “- Bill Gates.